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PAST CONTINUOUS FUNÇÕES DO "PAST CONTINUOUS" O tempo verbal "past continuous" descreve ações ou eventos ocorridos em um período anterior ao presente, os quais começaram no passado e que ainda estão ocorrendo no momento da fala. Em outras palavras, ele expressa uma ação incompleta ou não concluída no passado. Esse tempo é utilizado: Com frequência, para descrever o contexto de uma história escrita no passado. Ex.: "The sun was shining and the birds were singing as the elephant came out of the jungle. The other animals were relaxing in the shade of the trees, but the elephant moved very quickly. She was looking for her baby, and she didn't notice the hunter who was watching her through his binoculars. When the shot rang out, she was running towards the river...". Para descrever uma ação incompleta que foi interrompida por outra ação ou evento. Ex.: "I was having a beautiful dream when the alarm clock rang". Para indicar uma mudança de opinião. Ex.: "I was going to spend the day at the beach but I've decided to get my homework done instead". Junto ao termo "wonder", quando se deseja fazer um pedido muito educado. Ex.: "I was wondering if you could baby-sit for me tonight". EXEMPLOS: They were waiting for the bus when the accident happened. Caroline was skiing when she broke her leg. When we arrived he was having a bath. When the fire started I was watching television. Nota: emprega-se normalmente o "simple past" com verbos que não são utilizados na forma contínua. FORMANDO O "PAST CONTINUOUS" O "past continuous" de qualquer verbo é composto por duas partes: o passado do verbo "to be" (was/were) e o radical do verbo principal + ing. Sujeito was/were They


Afirmativa She was

radical + "ing"

watching. reading.

Negativa She wasn't reading.

Interrogativa Was she reading?

Interrogativa Negativa Wasn’t she reading?

TO PLAY NO "PAST CONTINUOUS" AFIRMATIVA I was playing. You were playing. He was playing. We were playing. They were playing

INTERROGATIVA Was I playing? Were you playing? Was he playing? Were we playing? Were they playing?

NEGATIVA I was not playing. You were not playing. He wasn't playing. We weren't playing. They weren't playing.

MARK THE CORRECT ALTERNATIVE: 1. Segundo o estudo sobre “Past continuous”, qual das alternativas a seguir está nesse tempo verbal da língua inglesa? a) She was think his all day long. b) I'm studying for maths this morning. c) Maysa was playing video game when I left. d) We all were very confuse with this mess. e) My mother was cook some bread. Resposta: Letra C

2. Qual das alternativas apresenta a estrutura correta do “Past continuous”? a) verb to be (presente) + main verb + ing b) verb to be (past) + to + main verb c) verb to be (past) + main verb + ing d) verb to be (present) + to + ing e) verb to be (past) + ing Resposta: Letra C 3. Complete as alternativas abaixo passando o verbo em parênteses para o “Past continuous”: a) I ___Was__Reading________________a very pleasant book last night. (to read) b) He ___Was____Watching________________ TV when his mother arrived. (to watch) c) My father and my little brother _____Were_____Playing__________________ soccer yesterday. (to play) d) My mother __Was_____Having_________________lunch with her friends last week. (to have) e) They ___Were_____Working__________________hard in their College project. (to work) 4.Complete as interrogações abaixo usando o “Past Continuous”: a) __Was_______Rachel _____reading________ a new book? (read) b)_____Were_____they____working_______together yesterday? (work) c)___Was______he___listening________ to music? (listen) d)___Were_______you ____doing_____street dance? (do) e)__Was________she ___helping_______her sister with her homework? (help)

5. Write the words in brackets in the correct forms in English using Past Continuous Tense. 1. He __Was__resting_________ all day yesterday. (rest) 2. We __Were___looking_____________ through the window when mother came in. (look) 3. They __Were___reading_______________ a newspaper when I entered. (read) 4. I ___Was______speaking__________________ to her but she. didn't hear me. (speak) 5. I didn't go for a walk because it ___Was________raining__________________. (rain) 6. When you telephoned I __Was_____sweeping____________ my room. (sweep) 7. They ____Were_____talking_________________ with John's wife when I came in. (talk) 8. While we ___Were____playing_______________ we heard a shot. (play)

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