worksheet,past simple and continuous

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NAME:​ Smart Alfredo José GRADE:​ 11B Worksheet A.Fill in the blanks with a correct form, the PAST SIMPLE or the PAST CONTINUOUS: 1.We ​were playing​​(play) volleyball with Mary, when you ​called​​(call) me. 2.When the teacher ​came​​(come) in, they ​were studying​​(study) English. 3.The baby ​was sleeping​​(sleep) when the telephone ​rang​​(ring). 4.As I ​was sleeping​​(walk) in the streets of Holland, I ​met​​(meet) an old friend of mine. 5.I ​lost​​ (lose) my car keys. 6.I was looking for my purse when I ​dropped​​(drop) my credit card. 7.My uncle ​taked​​(take) me to the airport yesterday. 8.She ​was dancing​(dance) when she hurt her ankle. 9.It ​was raining​​(rain) heavily when I got up. 10.I ​saw​​ (see) the thief while he ​was getting​(get) into my neighbor’s house. B.Make your own sentences in past simple and past continuous. 1. I was watching tv, when my mother called me. 2. I met a good drawer yesterday. 3. The sun was shining, when she was waking up. 4. Did you lose you pen? 5. He didn't find the pen. 6. My mother called me, when I was cooking. 7. The teacher told me something, but I wasn't paying attention. 8. My was playing, when my mother arrived. 9. Last night I had a good dream. 10. I was taking a shower, when my sister arrived.
worksheet,past simple and continuous

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