Grammar Continuous Aspect and Habits

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Read the text. What information did you find interesting? Why are the highlighted words used in the Continuous and Simple tenses?

I'm trying


had been expecting

d e b a

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will have been living I'm working f

was making

I didn't use to have the confidence to speak

I would spend hours studying grammar rules i'm always looking for opportunities I kept making mistakes

inclined happy a tendency

get frustrated

rule out of ten

to looking as of would

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Why are you crying

How long had he been working What have you been doing

How long have you Who were you talking been living Who did you want Have you been waiting Why didn't you finish

has a tendency to cause


is inclined to buy


prone to arguing

will will

keep on wondering wouldn't

always making

will would

kept on cheating don't use

a rule


would always bringing

wonder looks say

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I guess it could be an animal of some sort





1.1 the continuous aspect


Choose the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 I’ve been invited to a wedding on Friday and A a) I want to wear your dress. b) I’m going to borrow a dress from you. c) I was hoping to borrow a dress from you. 2 My neighbours are really irritating. They C a) have a lot of parties. b) are always having parties. c) like having parties. 3 I’m not sure I can afford to go on holiday so B a) I’m staying at home. b) I’m considering staying at home. c) I’m thinking of going away. 4 The office was empty when I arrived because everyone F a) has lunch. b) was having lunch. c) eats lunch. 5 My house is being decorated so H a) I visit some friends. b) I was staying with my parents. c) I’m staying with friends. 6 I injured my foot but D a) it’s getting better. b) it gets better. c) they’re getting better. 7 I didn’t eat the fish because G a) it was smelling horrible. b) I was smelling it. c) it smelt horrible. 8 When will they answer? I E a) have been listening to recorded music for fieen minutes. b) have listened to recorded music for fieen minutes. c) will have listened to recorded music for fieen minutes.


Match uses a)–h) with sentences 1–8 in Exercise 1. a) to sound less direct b) for indefinite plans c) to emphasise annoyance d) to talk about things that are changing e) to emphasise the length of time f) an action in progress when something else happens g) a sense or state verb h)PDF to talk a temporary situation Ten dokument byłabout edytowany w Icecream PDF Editor. Ulepsz program do wersji PRO, aby usunąć znak wodny.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1 How long are we been waiting (wait) for this train? It seems like hours. 2 When I arrived at the restaurant, my friends were discussing (discuss) what to order. will be calling (call) the baby ‘Baby’ until we 3 We can agree on a name. was hoping (hope) to use 4 If it’s OK with you, I your apartment while you’re away. 5 They are thinking (think) of getting married next spring. see (see) the river from the 6 You can kitchen window. 7 He is always talking (always/talk) about his wonderful job and it gets on my nerves. did pollution levels 8 In general, improve (improve) in the city centres? 9 They haven't seen (see) each other for six months. 10 I


(think) Prague is a beautiful city.

1.2 describing habits


Match the sentence halves. 1 My grandfather is inclined 2 He kept F 3 I tended to E 4 They were always thinking 5 Our cousins would C 6 My sister will H 7 I was forever G 8 As a rule, D


a) of ways to earn extra money. b) to fall asleep aer dinner. c) stay with us during the holidays. d) he’s a good problem-solver. e) forget important dates so I put them all on my phone. f) failing his exams so he moved to an easier course. g) doing my homework on the tram to school. h) borrow my things without asking.

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1 2


Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. Underline the correct alternative. 1 He’s oen insensitive. (inclined) 1 She looks kind of/sort annoyed.  He's inclined to be insensitive.                                                                                        2 I’ve got a bit/loads of things to do. 2 She tries again and again. (keep) 3 In the evenings I watch TV, see friends and stuff/ you know like that.  She keeps trying again and again.    4 All my so on/stuff from university is in the garage. 3 I got a new dictionary every year. (would) 5 There were sort of/around forty people there.  I would get a new dictionary every year.                                                                                          6 Is there plenty of/a few food for everyone? 4 They entered lots of competitions. (forever) 7 The film’s about a haunted hotel or stuff/  They were forever entering competitions.                                                                                          something like that. 5 I usually have to stand on the bus. 8 It’s more or less/you know an hour’s drive. (nine times out of ten)  Nine times out of ten, I have to stand on the bus.                                                                                          6 I can be obsessive. (tendency) Consolidation  I have a tendency to be obsessive.     Choose the correct answer, a), b), c) or d). 7 As a teenager, he was oen rebellious. (tended)  As a teenager, he was tended to be rebelious.                                                                                          I was recently 1 with my old friend, Nell, and it 8 Why do they watch so many films? (always) 2 to me that there was something wrong. As a  Why are they always watching so many films?                                                                                          rule, she never stops 3 but this time she was


1.3 speculating


Find and correct the mistakes in seven of the sentences. 1 I wonder they’re thinking about. 2 She looks kind informal – you know, laid back. 3 I’d hazard a guess that it was painted in the 1960s. 4 It looks to me as someone has thrown paint at the canvas. 5 If I had to make guess, I’d say that he’s about seventy. 6 He gives impression of being thoughtful. 7 It seems me that he has a secret. 8 I’m pretty the exhibition is open for another month.


Complete the words. 1 I g _ _ _ _ she’s about fiy. 2 I w_ _ _ _ s _ _ he’s unhappy. 4 It s _ _ _ _ l _ _ _ the artist was fascinated by her subject. 5 He c _ _ _ _ b _ a scientist. 6 There’s s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ mysterious a _ _ _ _ this portrait. 7 They l _ _ _ a b _ _ bored to me. 8 All the paintings look k _ _ _ o _ sad.

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very quiet. At first, I thought she was just tired but, as time went by, I became more concerned so I asked her. She her several times if something 4 5 saying everything was fine but I 6 she was hiding something. I think it is sometimes easier to talk to someone if you’re not looking at them so I asked her again when we were in the car 7 to the cinema. This time, she told me everything. It turned out that she was having problems at work and she thought that she was be dramatic going to lose her job. I know she 8 so I wondered if she was exaggerating the situation. Basically, a colleague was always publically 9 her work so Nell 10 confidence. I told her that it seemed to me that the colleague was probably a trouble-maker and that she should try ignoring him. 1 a) stay b) have stayed 2 a) guessed b) seemed 3 a) talking b) to talk 4 a) worry b) worried 5 a) would b) always 6 a) was pretty sure b) would say 7 a) drove b) driving 8 a) is inclined b) is always 9 a) criticised b) criticises 10 a) lost b) was losing

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c) staying d) had been staying c) wondered d) suggested c) is talking d) talks c) is worrying d) was worrying c) will keep d) kept c) wondered d) hazard a guess c) had driven d) was driving c) has a tendency to d) keeps on c) been criticising d) criticising c) loses d) is losing
Grammar Continuous Aspect and Habits

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