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SCOPE OF NEGATION The scope of a negation usually starts with the negative word itself, so where we put the negative may affect the meaning. Insert the words indicated in two different ways in each of the following sentences to give the meanings shown, making any other small changes necessary. Follow this model (1): 1. I haven't got Andrew's address. (still) (a) (I had it, but I've lost it.) I haven't still got Andrew's address. (b) (I've been waiting ages for it.) I still haven't got Andrew's address. 2. I advised him to complain. (not) (a) (I felt strongly that it was not a good idea to complain.) (b) (I offered no advice.) 3. I don't know what's happening. (definitely) (a) (I am totally ignorant.) (b) (I have a sort of rough idea.) 4. I don't try to understand these things. (even) (a) (There's no point in trying.) (b) (You might have expected that at least I would.) 5. He didn't arrive on time. (once) (a) (Just on one occasion.) (b) (Never.) 6. I don't like oysters. (particularly) (a) (But I don't mind them.) (b) (I really dislike them.) 7. I don't understand. (really) (a) (It is incomprehensible to me.) (b) (I half do, I suppose.) 8. That's not acceptable. (simply) (a) (It is unacceptable. Totally!) (b) (It's more than acceptable – it's very welcome indeed.) KEY: 2(a) I advised him not to complain. 2(b) I didn't advise him to complain. 3(a) I definitely don't know what's happening. 3(b) I don't know definitely what's happening. 4(a) I don't even try ... 4(b) Even I don't try ..., 5(a) Once, he didn't arrive on time. 5(b) He didn't once arrive on time. 6(a) I don't particularly like oysters. 6(b) I particularly don't like ... 7(a) I really don't understand. 7(b) I don't really understand. 8(a) That's simply not acceptable. 8(b) That's not simply acceptable – it's very welcome!
WK. 18 - NEGATION - Scope of negation and adverbs docx

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