The Worlds Best Birthday

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lots of flirting, Isak baking, Treasure Hunt, birthday cuteness, Fluff Published: 2017-02-13 Words: 3398

SKAM (TV) Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen Even Bech Næsheim, Isak Valtersen, Magnus Fossbakken, Vilde Hellerud Lien

The World's Best Birthday aka Even's Birthday Treasure Hunt by fandomlimb Summary

Ok, after seeing a bunch of adorable Even's bday drabbles on tumblr I had to write a cute little fluff piece of my own. Basically, Isak spoils Even rotten on his birthday and plans a romantic treasure hunt.

Isak couldn’t believe it had actually come to this. Was this really his life now? Yes, it undeniably was. Never in a million years would he have imagined this was how he was planning to spend his Saturday: baking. He googled the recipe for the cake he was supposed to be making and hit an immediate snag. It turns out he needed something called a stand mixer? with a paddle? and whisker? He was so screwed. He texted Vilde to see if she had a mixer machine thingy he could borrow. Hey Vilde I know you are all into baking and stuff for kosegruppa do you have an electric mixer i can use for the afternoon? She responded: Why? Didn’t you read the revue rehearsal schedule I sent to everyone last week? We don’t need to bake anything until the 24th, when revue tech week starts. Please pay attention when I send out important information!!

Isak rolled his eyes but soldiered on. Yeah I got the schedule. It’s not for kosegruppa, it’s for Even’s birthday tomorrow. I kind of promised to make a Kvæfjordkake. A Kvæfjordkake! You know that cake is a little complicated, right? It’s not just like you throw some cake mix in with water and call it a day. Have you ever made one before? Yeah, I go around every weekend baking Kvæfjordkakes for fun Well no need to get all snippy about it Sorry. No I’ve never made one. And now I’m screwed since mac and cheese is usually the extent of my cooking skills Do you want my help? If you buy all the ingredients you can come over to my house and we can make it together. I have a Kitchenaid mixer and everything. Ok, takk. Isak thought that maybe he could just pay Vilde to make Even’s birthday cake for him? But no, she would totally rat him out about it to Even and he’d never live it down. Vilde had no chill when it came to things like that. And yes, a store bought cake was still an option if Isak’s cake failed miserably (which, even with Vilde’s help there was still a good chance of him making the world’s most inedible and whackedout birthday cake). But he had to try, at least. It was for Even, after all.

The whole cake thing had started because Even’s damn birthday was only two days before Valentine’s Day. Even, being the king of over-the-top romantic gestures that he was, had started teasing Isak all the way back a month before about how he’d better clear his entire schedule and plan to skip school on Valentine’s Day because Even was going to orchestrate the best fucking day Isak could possibly imagine and he’d better get ready for it. Isak had retaliated saying that Valentine’s Day was child’s play. He was the master of planning kick-ass birthdays, so Even had better clear out his whole schedule on Feb 12 since it was going to be the best birthday of Even’s life. Isak had enjoyed all the careful planning up until the moment when he realized with horror that he was actually going to have to bake a cake. And since Kvæfjordkake was also known as “The World’s Best Cake” it seemed like the only appropriate cake for planning The World’s Best Birthday. Isak and his big mouth.

“Hi! Welcome!”, Vilde greeted Isak with her patented cheery-verging-on-squeaky voice as he entered her house and put down his bag of groceries. “Hi Vilde. Oh, hey Magnus.” “Sup brooooo,” Magnus said and gave Isak an exploding fist bump. Isak said, “I didn’t know you’d be here.” “And miss a chance to see you squirm in the kitchen? I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Magnus said with a devilish grin. Isak said, “Great, now I have an audience. Just don’t go all Gordon Ramsey on me, this is going to be painful enough as it is. I don’t need you making me cry because my custard filling isn’t custard-y enough or whatever.” Isak should have assumed Magnus would be here since he and Vilde had been pretty much attached at the hip (and other body parts) since Christmas. Isak was truly happy for his friend, but he did draw the line whenever it came to Magnus describing in way-way-way too much detail about their new various sexual exploits. Vilde led them into the kitchen and said, “I think this is so cute you are baking for Even! What else are you doing tomorrow? Anything besides the surprise party?” Isak started unpacking all the ingredients. He couldn’t believe how much sugar and butter was involved. “Yeah leading up to the party I’ve got this treasure hunt thing planned around places we like talked for the first time and kissed and stuff.” Vilde squealed with delight and smacked him on the side of his shoulder. “Oh my gosh Isak!! I can’t believe how romantic that is! I’m sure Even is going to flip out.” Isak blushed a little bit. He was ok with talking about Even with his friends, obviously, but he still had a little trouble owning up to exactly how much of a big sappy mess he truly was when it came to making Even happy. Magnus said, “Dude. You are going to get some serious D tomorrow. I want someone to plan me a romantic treasure hunt now, damn. And you’re making him a cake, too? Damn son, way to step up your A-game.” Isak said, “We’ll see if I can actually pull everything off. After this whole cake thing, tomorrow morning I have to go around and plant all the clues and hope that people don’t steal them.” Vilde said, “Ok then let’s get started. Wear this apron. And Magnus, please take notes because there is no way I'm going to make myself my own birthday cake when the time comes.”

The cake was not actually as complicated as the recipes and photos Isak had seen online had led him to believe, but there was no way he could have done it himself without Vilde. She basically baked the whole thing while Isak attempted to help but mostly goofed around with Magnus. She also provided a running commentary of baking tips, many of which made baking seem a lot raunchier than it actually was. Magnus got no end of delighting in her accidental sexual innuendos. Such as: “Stiffening egg whites is all about the wrist action” or “Just beat it until it’s

really stiff” or “Whipping is the only way to achieve ideal moistness” or “You'll know the cake has risen enough when you poke it” or “An icing bag is really the best way to squirt the cream” etc etc etc. Isak didn’t realize baking was this dirty or fun, actually. Soon Isak was covered in flour and their cake was complete, sugar-dusted strawberry-garnished and all. Vilde even had a porcelain cake stand with a glass covering she was going to lend him to get the cake home in one piece and keep it fresh until tomorrow. He had to admit that even though she drove him a little crazy at times, she was a really good friend. And she made Magnus happy, too. “Thanks Vilde, I really owe you one.” “Don’t worry, you’ll make it up to me during revue week for kosegruppa. I think you’d make a great co-captain with me next year!”

Sunday morning arrived and Isak was just as excited as if it were his own birthday. He texted Even immediately when he woke up: Happy birthday baby. Get ready to have your mind blown today. See you soon.
The Worlds Best Birthday

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