Taym Dren-Garen - Return of the Jedi and Star Wars Uprising

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I Desert Enforcer

DEXTERITY 3D+2 Blaster 40+2, brawling parry 50, dodge 40, melee combat 50+2, melee combat: vibro-ax 60+1, melee parry 50+2, running 40 KNOWLEDGE 2D+2 Alien species: Ro Hypa 40+2, cultures: Tusken Raiders 30+2, intimidation 40, scholar: venom extraction 40+1, streetwise 40, survival: desert 50 MECHANICAL 2D+ 1 PERCEPTION 2D+2 Beast handling: Ro Hypa 50, con: instigation 40+2, sneak 40 STRENGTH 4D Brawling 50, lifting 4D+2, stamina 50 TECHNICAL 20+2 Melee weapon repair 40, security 30+2 CHARACTER POINTS: 2 I MOVE: 10 EQUIPMENT: Bandolier with canisters of Ro Hypa venom, BlasTech DL-18 blaster pistol (40), bracers (+1 physical, forearms only), canteen, chestplate (+2 physical, torso only), Mataou Kabuto (+2 physical and energy, head only), pauldrons (+10 physical, +2 energy, shoulders only), pelts, SoroSuub BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax (STR+3D+1), utility belt with holster. CAPSULE: Taym Dren-garen hailed from the desert planet of Mataou, in the Anoat Sector. Although long deserted by its Hutt masters, the planet lived up to its cultural legacy, as underworld groups seeking both secrecy and high style made hideouts and strongholds out of its abandoned, but baroque Hutt architecture. While whispers of witchcraft swirled and sightings of Nightsisters persisted, such phantom menaces did not dissuade clan Dren-garen from making a life on Mataou. And in helping his family earn a living by harvesting venom from dangerous, serpentine Ro Hypa, young Taym developed his physicality and strength. After becoming embroiled in organized crime as an adult, Dren-garen poisoned a rival who had threatened his dan - a rival who also happened to be an enemy of infamous crimelord, Jabba the Hutt. Having thus endeared himself to Jabba, Dren-garen was offered work on Tatooine. Tasked with diverting the attention of the authorities away from the Hutt's criminal ventures, Dren-garen supplied Tusken Raiders with weapons and provoked them into attacking moisture farms. During a particularly tense encounter with the Sand People years later, Dren-garen managed to diffuse the situation by offering them his own vibro-ax, as a sign of good faith. By then, Dren-garen had come to see Jabba's entourage as family, and he took pride in giving of himself or his possessions for the benefit of the group at large. Soon thereafter, at a prisoner execution gone awry above the Pit of Carkoon, Dren-garen showed no hesitation in rushing to the aid of his comrades. Despite firing accurately in his efforts to disarm Luke Skywalker, It was ali for naught. Without his vibro-ax, Dren-garen had little close-quarters defense and was struck down. As he fell into darkness, his last thoughts were of where defending his family had led him: both far across the stars ... and to his death. REFERENCES: Dedpher CCG, Wookieepedia & Star WaiS: Uprising mobile game by KABAM, Inc. Artwork by BRIAN MATYAS. Artwork color alteration, stats, text & layout by PIETRE VALBUENA.