PEDAGOGY of the OPPRESSED - mainmap

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People must begin to recognize its causes so that they can transform their conditions and begin to create a new society.

To overcome oppression It is a product of historical oppression. The result of an unjust order that engenders violence in the oppressors, which in turn dehumanizes the oppressed. Process that is constantly undermined by “injustice, exploitation, and…violence.”

People also have to confront their internalized beliefs and ideas that hinder their freedom It is about helping the oppressed to critically examine the nature of oppression and take steps to change its conditions.

Dehumanization The oppressed unveil the world of oppression and through the praxis commit themselves to its transformation.

The fight for humanization Tema principal 1 4 Has two distinct stages When oppressors appear to help oppressed people It is nourished by death, despair, and poverty.

Humanist and liberation pedagogy

False generosity

The reality of oppression has already been transformed, this pedagogy ceases to belong to the oppressed and becomes a pedagogy of all people in the process of permanent liberation. The first which can only be changed by political power

The distinction between systematic education and educational projects.

Relies on oppression to work.

As an act of exploitation, violence, and a failure “to recognize others as persons.” Oppressors stereotype oppressed people as "violent" for responding to oppression. The struggle of liberation is an act of love, an attempt to restore the humanity of all people.



Oppressed people sometimes take on a “fatalistic” view towards their circumstances.

Oppressed consciousness

True liberation remove oppressors from power and creates a society in which the role of oppressor does not exist.

The oppressed fear freedom

The oppressed must fight for their humanity that gives way to liberation. It must be pursued constantly and responsibly Freedom is acquired by conquest, not by gift.

Oppressed people often feel alienated from society and undervalue themselves. People who commit themselves to human liberation should constantly reflect on their preexisting beliefs and biases.

The indispensable condition for the quest for human completion.

The fight for freedom threatens both the oppressor and the oppressed who fear further repression.

People have been taught that their misfortunes are the product of things out of their control (like God, or fate).

Oppressed people gain confidence and conviction when they learn about the causes of oppression, and see that their oppressors can be vulnerable.


Passive acceptance to active participation in the struggle


Leaders in the fight should trust oppressed people to come to their own conclusions. Leaders should approach liberation in a “pedagogical” way. Educational methods can be used to shift how oppressed people think. Leaders and the people must take on the task of reflection and action together.

The second should be carried out with the oppressed in the process of organizing them.
PEDAGOGY of the OPPRESSED - mainmap

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