Nancy M - Other Conditionals Theory and Exercises

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As/So long as , Unless , Provided / Providing (that) , In case , whether

Conditionals can be introduced with other expressions instead of “if “

Unless 

We can use unless instead of if…not

Unless I study harder, I will fail the exams. You won’t be able to play the guitar well unless you practise more time

As long as 

Means “only if”. Something is necessary to happen

You will be healthy as long as you follow my advice She can go to the party as long as she finishes her work.

Provided / providing (that) 

Means “on condition (that)”

Your plants will be healthy provided you water them regularly You can have a coffee providing that you don’t suffer from insomnia

In case 

Means “if that happens or happened”

I’ll make a hotdog in case I am hungry

Take an umbrella in case it rains.

Whether 

Expresses alternative or doubt

To introduce indirect questions

Whether you like it or not , you’ll come with me! He wondered whether the detective had discovered who the thief was

Practice Choose the correct word or expression for each sentence: 

1. We’re playing tennis tomorrow unless/providing it’s raining.

2. They’re going climbing tomorrow unless/provided it’s not raining.

3. You can borrow my DVD unless/as long as you return it next week.

4. Mary won’t take a rest unless/as long as she finishes her project.

5. Children will be allowed to play unless/providing they don’t make too much noise.

Practice 

6. You’ll have to pay in case / unless you break it.

7. Put down that book in case / unless you want to buy it.

8. I won’t stay unless/provided you ask me to.

9. I didn’t mind talking to my ex-wife unless /as long as our lawyers were present.

10. We won’t come to the party in case / provided you invite aunt Meg.

1. If there is a fire, use the emergency exit. (case of)

In ______________________________________________________

2. If the driver isn’t careful, he will cause an accident. (unless)


3. I asked him if he wanted to stay in a hotel or a B&B. (whether)

I _________________________________________________

4. We can watch TV if we do our homework. (as long as)

We _____________________________________________________

5. Phone me if you get into trouble! (provided that)

Phone __________________________________________________

use the given words By maigomay

Practice: Grammar in Use – Unit 115

Practice: Grammar in Use – Unit 115

Practice: Grammar in Use – Unit 115
Nancy M - Other Conditionals Theory and Exercises

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