Loci Rosen - Return of the Jedi

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Hapless Merchant & Aspiring Musician

SEX: Male I SPECIES: Mon Calamari I HOMEWORLD: Mon Cala DEXTERITY 2D+2 Blaster 3D, Dodge 3D+1, Vehicle Blasters 3D+2 KNOWLEDGE 3D Planetary Systems 4D+1, Scholar: Smooth Jatz SD+2, Streetwise 3D+2, Survival: Undersea SD, Value: Musical Instruments 4D+2 MECHANICAL 3D+2 Capital Ship Gunnery SD+l, Capital Ship Shields 4D+1, Communications 4D+1, Musical Instrument Operation: Slitherhorn 4D+2, Sensors SD+1 PERCEPTION 2D+1 Bargain 3D+l, Command 3D+2, Gambling 2D+2, Search 4D+1 STRENGTH 2D+2 Swimming 4D+2 TECHNICAL 3D+2 Computer Programming/Repair 4D+1, Musical Instrument Repair 4D CHARACTER POINTS: 3


AQUATIC LIFE FORM: Mon Calamari can breathe both air and water. ARID ENVIRONMENTS: When in dry environments, Mon Calamari can become depressed and withdrawn. They suffer a -1D penalty to all Dexterity, Perception and Strength attribute and skill checks. MOISTURE-RICH ENVIRONMENTS: Whenever undersea or in moist environments, Mon Calamari gain a +1D bonus to their Dexterity, Perception and Strength attribute and skill checks. EQUIPMENT: Helmet (+lD vs. physical & energy), Kenijee model slitherhorn (+1D to induce sleep in listeners, if playing Smooth Jatz). REFERENCES: Decipher CCG, Star Wars: Galaxies & Wookieepedia.

Backstory Concept: ANDREW PISCITELLI. Stats/Text/Layout: PIETRE VALBUENA.


CAPSULE: Unsuccessful as a merchant who specialized in musical instruments, Loci Rosen nevertheless tried to immerse himself in the local, live music scene wherever he went. Ostensibly, it was to make a sale, but Rosen's habit of playing his slitherhorn all the time made it obvious to anyone within earshot that he was an aspiring musician himself.

Good natured, earnest and in search of camaraderie, Rosen ventured casually into card playing. He soon became an avid but unsubtle player, welcome at any gaming table, but only because he could be counted upon to lose. Unfortunately, Rosen's peers grew so tired of hearing a horn solo after every lost hand that they eventually stole his slitherhorn. Unsuspecting of foul play, Rosen soldiered on, sadly coming and going each day, empty-handed. Once the Imperial subjugation of Mon Cala began, Rosen joined the war effort and in time, acquired a new wind-instrument. Now a gunner aboard the Rebel cruiser Home One, Rosen played his new slitherhorn to boost morale while off duty ... even if his music actually lulled his fellow crewmembers to sleep instead. Rosen fought in the Battle of Endor, and took part in the subsequent celebration at Bright Tree Village, where his horn playing was greeted warmly at long last, in the wake of the Alliance's historic victory.
Loci Rosen - Return of the Jedi

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