Idioms with Parts of the Body

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IDIOMS- LANGUAGE III - 2017 Parts of the Body

Parts of the Body To lose one’s head

To see eye to eye

To turn something on its head

To have one eye for sth.

To fall head over heels

To cry one’s eyes out

To keep a cool head Head/Mind


To cry fool

To have a mind of one’s own

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

To make up one’s mind

To be easy on the eye

To be out of one’s mind

To be in the eye of the storm

To laugh one’s head off

Parts of the Body


Parts of the Body To keep a stiff upper lip

To put on a brave face

To bite one’s lip

In the face of sth.

To give/pay lip service (to sth)

To be written all over sb's face

To be on everyone's lips

To keep a straight face

To lick one's lips


To face the music

To be tight-lipped (often + about)

To face sth head-on

There's many a slip twixt cup and lip. (literary)

To come face to face with sb/sth

Parts of the Body


Parts of the Body To give sb the cold shoulder

To put / have/ get one’s nose out of joint

To look over the shoulder

To lead someone by the nose

To have a chip on one’s shoulder(often + about )

To rub sb’s nose in it (the dirt)

To carry the weight of the world on one's shoulders


To look down one’s nose at something/somebody

To stand head and shoulders above someone or something

To be (right) under someone's (very) nose

To rub shoulders/elbows with

To give somebody a bloody nose

somebody To be a weight off one’s shoulders Parts of the Body


To have one's nose in a book Parts of the Body

To put one’s foot in it

To be a pain in the neck

To catch sb on the wrong foot

To have sb/sth hanging round one’s neck


To have cold feet

To be up to one’s neck on sth

To be six feet under

To risk one’s neck (to do sth)

not let the grass grow under one's feet

To be dead from the neck up

Cold feet (*Typically:

To breathe down

get; have ~; give someone the ~)

someone’s neck

To jump in with both feet (jump with both feet into sth) Parts of the Body


To be neck and neck

Parts of the Body

To hold your tongue

To be under somebody's thumb

To have a sharp tongue

To stand/stick out like a sore thumb

To speak with a forked tongue


To thumb your nose at something/somebody

To bite one's tongue

To have a green thumb

To get your tongue

To thumb your nose at

around/round something


To set tongues (a)wagging

To twiddle one's thumbs

Tongue in cheek ( with your tongue in your cheek)

To give something the thumbs down/ up

Parts of the Body

Parts of the Body To get something off one's chest


To put hair(s) on someone chest To keep/play one’s cards close to one’s chest

To turn a deaf ear to something Ear

To be all eyes and ears

To fall on deaf ears

To beat your breast/chest

To be music to somebody's ears

War chest

To lend an (one’s) ear to someone or something

Hope chest

To have nothing between the/one’s ears To be (as) cute as a bug's ear
Idioms with Parts of the Body

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