frequency adverbs and of manner

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ADVERBS of FREQUENCY Complete these sixteen sentences to score your knowledge of ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY. a))go

1. Iseldom vist my relatives, so l.. see my uncle John.

a) usually b) almost never c) almost always 2.

l'm never late for our English class. I'm ... on time. often

b) usually C) always 3.

James goes to the beach only once a year. He ... goes to the beach.

a)almost nevern b) never

c) sometimes


My sister often.. a book in the evenings.

a) reads

b)read c) is reading

5. .

eat junk food because I know

it's not very healthy.

a) always b) sometimes

c)seldomn 6...We go to the gym to exercise, maybe two or three days a week.

a) Rarely

6) Sometimes c) Always 7.

... watch cartoons because I hate them. News shows are much better. a) almost always b) sometimes

c) never 8. They always ... to bed early because they always get up early.

b)will90 c)goes

9. Iwent to a restaurant last week, but.. eat

at home

a) usually

b) seldom

c) always 10.

She doesn't .. finish work early because she is often busy. a) never

b) usualy

alwayss 11. t . . snows where I lve, so l never make a snowman.

a) sometimes b) neve c) always


We vsit our grandparents three or four time8 .. a) the month

b) month

c) amonth 13.

He almost never sees a doctor because he is... sick. a) almost always b) usually

o) seldomn 14.

Do you... travel to other countries on your summer


a) ever


c)howoften 15. I... study very hard, so l usually get high grades in school. a) always b) rarely c) almost never

16. He's never angry. He... has a smile on his face.

a) never

b) always c) seldom


Adverbs Of Manner Exerclses C)vwell

Adverbs Of Manner Test A1 A2 Level Exercises

T.1-1 always eat my food very quick 3) careful


) quickly

2 - 1 love driving

I know it's very dangerous.

) easy

6) fastly C) hardly D) fast


o w Sarahbecause we play tennis together every

good B) nice C)Nwell

0) fine

4You awaye pehave Wait, think and then decide what wo A) mpatiently 3) slowly



D) carefully

oHazel is taking singing lessons this year but she stil Dad

B) good

) badly

.6A: Whyare youholiday. looking at the hotel brochures? B: I need a

A carefully/9good 8) careful/ good

C) carefully / well D) carefully / goodly

7.1 eatng at her restaurane

prepares every meal


A dellciously B) delicious C)well

D) badly

214 8.8 It's a today. Shall we have apicniC A) snowy day 8) rainy day c) bed day

beautiful day 9.g-Don't shout. I can't hear you A) slowty B) badly C) early



10- He is

B) slowly C) carefuly D) quiety

walking to work very_-s


Adverbs Of Manner Exercises

11.Olecd1Yummy. Thiscake tastesCan Ihave another iece


14- It's an awful day. t is raining .

A) badly A) heavily


B) heavy

C) well

C) hard D) wonderful

D)hardly 12 12

A:your mother drive? B: She drives To.


15- My sister nuns too

A) How is /fast / careful

A slowly

B) How is /tfastly / carefuly


C) How does / fast/carefully

C) clearly

D) How does / fastly / careful

D) carefuly

13Ler's not waCh e

this fim. t is

A) well / interesting B) good I interesting


She cant catch me.

10. 16-Qur teacher explains everythingso nobody has questions. A) Dadly

B) clearly

C) badly / boring

C) quiet

D bad/boring

D) lovely

frequency adverbs and of manner

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