English parts of speech quiz answers

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1. Name parts of speech in the sentences below: a) John proper noun did verb not adverb know verb how adverb to infinitival marker react verb. b) My possessive pronoun obnoxious adjective father noun has verb been verb unbearably adverb extravagant adjective in preposition his possessive pronoun behavior noun recently adverb. c) If conjunction I personal pronoun had verb not adverb eaten verb so adverb much adverb chocolate noun yesterday adverb, I personal pronoun would modal verb not adverb feel verb sick adjective right adverb now adverb. d) To preposition my possessive pronoun surprise noun, John proper noun seemed verb a indefinite article really adverb nice adjective guy noun and conjunction I personal pronoun got verb to infinitival marker like verb him personal pronoun immediately adverb. e) Why interrogative pronoun did verb you personal pronoun decide verb to infinitival marker go verb to preposition church noun instead adverb of preposition visiting gerund the definite article disco noun? f) How interrogative pronoun is verb it personal pronoun possible adjective that conjunction they personal pronoun killed verb themselves reflexive pronoun without preposition any determiner warning noun? g) The definite article man noun had verb a indefinite article look noun of preposition surprise noun on preposition his possessive pronoun face noun. h) The definite article American adjective TV noun networks noun are verb full adjective of preposition stories noun about preposition the definite article election noun.
English parts of speech quiz answers

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