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I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

Earthquakes are amongst the most destructive usually (2) without any warning and

(4) ot lite and an enormous demolition ot buildings. Additionally, they










(5), are collosal walls ot water smashing

torce that they are

(6) ot destroying (7) majority ot tatalities

about when buildings Most trequently, torces




into seashores


cities. However,

and serious injuries

the (8)

the earthquake

lasts 30 to 60 seconds, so usually there is no time to (11) once the shaking starts. The

ot an earthquake


(12) a complex

(13) in the building's structure when it is shaken, pulled. A building'sheight,

its shape and construction

(14) deciding

ot the structure



1. a) nature

b) naturalistic

c) natural

d) native

2. a) hit

b) strike

c) tall

d) attack

3. a) result

b) efteet

c) lead

d) cause

4. a) tatality

b) waste

e) harm

d) loss

5. a) tact

b) certainty

c) honesty

d) truth

6. a) potential

b) conceivable

c) capable

d) possible

7. a) wide

b) broad

c) tuli

d) vast

8. a) bring

b) come

c) lay

d) make

9. a) demolish

b) jumble

c) destroy

d) collapse

10. a) avert


c) abstain

d) restrain

11. a) upkeep

b) upturn

c) upshot

d) uptake

12. a) up

b) on

c) out

d) oft

13. a) activity

b) motion

c) progress

d) reaction

14. a) tactors

b) phenomena

e) points

d) ingredients

c) inhabitants

d) burghers

b) eitizens


lifted, pushed or

materials are the most signiticant

about the survival or collapse

consequently, about the lite or death ot its

15. a) settlers


with such

(9) . (10) the mortal


(1) disasters. They (3) in a great



II. Put the words

in the correct


3. The landlord was very generous to us. Ali that we consumed in his inn was """""""""""""""

1. Does it make any (DIFFER) to them it we pay by cheque? 2. The two boys should receive a just punishment. Their .............................. (BEHAVE) at the inauguration ceremony was really outrageous. 3. Couldn't you provide us with amore (PRACTICE) scheme? The one you have just devised is not sensible at alI. 4. As a matter ot tact, the realisation ot the project itselt isn't so ".......... (TROUBLE) as the initial conditions we have to accept. 5. Jason is the most (TRUTH) person I know. He never t811slies. 6. Mutual accusations will get you nowhere. You'd better try to find a more reasonable (SOLVE)


to your conflict.

8. l1's most

among youths these days to spend their

free time in the cinema. 9. Unfortunately, none of us managed to convince the director of the benefits that our experiment might bring. His


grew even stronger

when Jack mentioned the possible cost of the venture. 10. Cindy and Mike's close """""""""""""""


finally developed into

Unidentified Flying Obh.cts seems quite odd

to his friends, but the boy considers it an absorbing hobby.

7. Whatunavoidablymakesmeangry """""""""""""""

Frank is his inability to take

prompt decisions.


(HAZARD) it in conventional medicine after

many years of unsuccessful treatment and has opted for acupuncture. (LONG) of this rope?'

number of points. 10. Customers used to complain about the high prices of food, meat particular. 11. Learning this long definition 12.lnstead

may be.


6. Jack's great interest """""""""""""""

heart, at first, seemed an impossible


'It's six metres long.'

14. Mark's been terribly busy this week. It's .."

memorizing it.

a long speech at the beginning of the meeting, the

chairman only gave a short welcome to all the participants.

11. Nobody has applied for the mission knowing how

13. 'What's the

advance that you wouldn't be giving any

seminar we wouldn't have gone to the trouble of making all the necessary arrangements.

task. But, finally, I was successful

a profound feeling and culminated in their marriage last year.

12. Tom has lost his

5. If you had informed us """""""""""""'",

hide""""""""""""""" thecuriousjournalistsandphotographers. 9. Alithecandidates,except """"""""""""""" Mr Jenkins, have scored the required

between its members. (FASHION)

4. We can't give up. Now that we have gone through the most difficult part of the route we must reach Khartoum """"""""""""""" any cost.

8. The football star is going to spend holidays in a secluded place where he expects to

7. The main cause ot the current crisis in the party seems to be the deep (DIVIDE)

the house.



13. Only Mark was keen """"" going fishing early in the morning. The rest ot the company telt too tired after their long journey. 14. Tell the children to stop tooling around or 1'11 los e my patience them. 15. There's no difference


these two printers.

whether he'lI

attend our performance tomorrow.

IV. Rewrite the sentences meaning.

15. 'Why didn't they react to my warning?'

using the given torms so that they retain their original


'They might not have understood its discreet

1. It wasn't Tom that you saw in the department store, tor sure. III. Insert the correct

It couldn't


. . .. . . . . . . . .

2. We had to cali the doctor because the baby had a high temperature










(because ot).

"............... 3. It I were you, I wouldn't tell anybody about the discovery.

1. Although Mrs Parker was bitterly jealous

her friends' higher

You had

wages in the company, she managed to avoid making sharp comments. 2. The committee doesn't support any immediate changes. They say the modifications should be introduced step





4. The boys laughed at the man in spite ot his old age. (tun ot)




a visit to the local council residence was welcomed


5. You are 0.11 welcome to take any to od you like.

by 0.11 the visitors.


a) do

6. What was the reason tor his resignation? (made)

b) pay

c) go

9. His a) disregard 7. Did the children enjoy themselves during the performance?

(good time)

b) untamiliarity

10. Let's """""""""""""""

, ....

a) miss

8. We haven't had any message tram him since March. (heard)

d) walk

ot the safety regulations really can't be ignored any longer. c) carelessness

d) inattention

the place, it looks sa gloomy and unpleasanl.

b) abandon

c) depart

d) disappear

11. What you are saying is quite

,so give us, please, more details on

the situation. a) tamous

9. You don't have to worry about the tuture. (no need) ... ... .



d) tamiliar

c) obvious

b) accustomed

ot the President entering

12. For a short while, I managed to catch the palace.

10. Ali the students were awarded diplomas.

a) vision


b) notice

c) view

d) sight

by the

13. The suggestion to leave the camp at once was strongly climbers who were afraid ot the approaching snowstorm.

V. Choose the correct answer.

a) opposed . me like this, I will never be able to tinish writing my

1. It you go on

b) attlicting

d) affecting

c) concerning

b) worries

c) drives

3. Everyone knew that a) working

a) escaping me crazy.

2. Turn aft this machine, please. The harsh sound really

c) making

a) responsible


d) completing

5. Judy didn't

c) technique

at repairing

a) dec la red

c) hesitate

a) capture

b) persisted

d) concluded

c) appraved

by the enemy forces.

b) hostage

c) kidnap

d) torture

,... ot understanding the theory even after the

a) incompetent

b) incapable

c) helpless

19. I'm going tor a walk in the park. Would you like to '" c) nice

7. The inconsiderate driver was

d) tine

a) follow tor parking his vehicle in the wrang

20. Patrick is too a) instant

place. a) intlicted

d) comprehensive

pratessor's protound explanation.

d) await

learn to take it b) loose

b) condemned

c) harrassed


ot taking any rash steps against illegal

18. The student was

6. Don't get so nervous about his com ing late. When you get to know him better, you'lI

a) easy

c) guilty

17. Several soldiers ot the squad were taken ............

d) craft

tor a second to agree to Mike's proposal as she had

b) linger

d) missing


been in love with the boy tor a long time. a) decide

b) prane

16. None ot us has ever

electrical devices wasn't good enough to succeed. b) ski II

c) resisting

the crash that occurred right after the take-otf.

4. Mr Tanner did his best to tix the taulty oven, but his ..

a) service

b) neglecting

15. It was the commission's job to dec ide whether the pilot was ..........

d) bothers this task would require a considerable

b) engaging

your duties may


result in an instant dismissal.

a) disturbing

d) resigned

c) quarreled

14. The tirst thing tor ali ot you to remember is that ..............


a) takes

b) complained

b) stay

c) ward

, b) spontaneous

d) unsuccesstul me company?

d) keep

a gambler to resist placing a bet on the tinal game. c) compulsive

d) continuous

d) tined

f 1()



II. Put the words in the correct form.

1. The low """"""""""""""" carelessness

I. Replace each italicized words with a synonymous one.


about giving it even more extensive publicity.

2. Another attempt to establish a II is believed that aur inherited (1) genetic characteristics play the decisive (2) role in aur being beautiful, attraetive and appealing to other individuals. Although there is no

elear (3)

(6) by our

their own sexual preferences.

(8), share with animals whieh, like humans, have

Most species of birds, for example,

colours of plumage when selecting (11) of the feathers chi/dren

(9) their partners

indicate the potential partner's genetic fitness to produce


to the buildings in the area.


in food prices will certainly bring about

violent protests from the population. 6. Let's stop quarrelling about such


details. It doesn't

matter what we take first, the soup ar the second course.

7. The number of the nails Harry had bought at the ironmonger's wasn't

In humans, similarly, beauty shows

(13) our well-being and our sexual attractiveness,


as far as our facial characteristics are taken into account, people tend (14) to regard as charming

5. A sudden




(ADVANTAGE) to all the

4. Besides innumerable human victims, the tornado has caused an enormous

rely on the brightest

(10). To them, the vivid shades

peace has failed after

investors. Definitely, it's a chance not to miss.

brains. Their possible role is to ref/ect (7) health and fertility as well as genetic superiority - the quality that people, supposedly



one of the negotiators refused to sign the treaty. 3. This new situation is more than

theory on what beauty really is and how it works, the results of a recent scientifie research (4) seem to eon firm (5) the hypothesis that our facial features are determined

at the concert was a result of the organizers'

(15) the faces with the highest degree of symmetry.

And equally

effeetively, the facial properties may ais o indieate the appeal of the whole body.

(SUFFICE) and we had to borrow a few from our neighbour.


(OBEY) at this school is severely punished, sa remember to mind your manners both during the lessons and outside the classroom.

9. Some people claim that the microprocessor (INVENT)

1. a) indebted

b) derivative

e) innate

d) aequisitive

2. a) vital

b) functional

e) tangible

d) eustomary

3. a) eminent

b) obscure

c) indicative

d) explicit

4. a) chore

b) endeavour

e) inquiry

d) labour

5. a) bear out

b) stand down

c) prop up

d) make about

6. a) reliant

b) conditioned

e) implied

d) designated

7. a) manifest

b) pertain

c) survey

d) uncover

8. a) plainly

b) normally

c) allegedly

d) mainly

9. a) favouring

b) postulating

c) referring

d) asserting

10. a) counterparts

b) mates

c) fellows

d) accomplices

11. a) dyes

b) marvels

c) twilights

d) hues

12. a) stamina

b) progeny

c) entity

d) forebears


is the greatest


of the 20th century.

10. The actors received a """""""""""""""


ovation from the enthusiastic

audience for their brilliant performance in Othello.

11. Without the congressmen's

(VALUE) assistanee we would never


have gathered enough money tor our son's operation. 12.lt's

13. a) affirms

b) foresees

e) displays

d) envisages

14. a) ineline

b) aspire

c) anticipate

d) declare

15. a) flourishing

b) startling

e) eaptivating

d) engrossing



(POINT) to try to reach the village on toot. The only possible

way ot getting there is by helicopter. 13. Jack's initial


at taking part in the competition


down after he had learned about the extra costs he would have had to eover. 14. The """""""""""""""


of spending holidays in the countryside consists

in breathing tresh air and being in harmony with nature. 15. You'd better ask Frank, I'm not in


ot the manual

you are looking tor.



III. Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs.


com e










IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their original meaning.



lie 1. Is your uncle the owner ot this RoIIs Royce? (belong)


. """"""'"

oft rather quickly and the

1. Mike's interest in practicing karate

changes in the computer technologies.

boy started to look tor a new hobby to take up. 2. The exact cost ot the whole venture isn't known vet, but our best accountants have been trying to

2. After I had introduced my guests to each other I made a long speech on the current

it out.

Having 3. Why didn't they tell us they were going to sell their house?

up with and no

3. For some people, the situation was too tense to


wonder that quite a tew ot them preterred to go home. into,

.1.There was no sign indicating that the cottage had been

4. George won't lend his tape recorder to you it you don't promise to bring it back by Saturday.

vet, the owner was sure his precious paintings had been stolen.


5. 'There's no hot chocolate on the menu, sir.' 'That's all right. I can


with a cup ot tea instead.'

5. Jerry had terrible problems with solving the riddle. (hardly) aft near the bank last Friday didn't kill

6. Luckily, the bomb which


anyone. 7. I don't quite like the new apprentice's approach. Heseems

6. Our representatives


have been criticizing the new concept.



down on the job. 8. We owe this marvellous wooden church building to the lirst Christian pioneers who down in this area in the 16th century.

7. It doesn't make any difference il they paint the board white or yellow. It .......





9. Our stay in the town will certainly be a good chance lor Michael to visit his '}, Finally, the new prime minister has been appointed. grandtather's

birthplace, so I'm sure he will

10. Don't you think Patrick

at the opportunity. after his grandtather?

I. I haven't visited Oslo since 1998.

got equally blue eyes and blond hair. <

1. It none ot you is going to wear these clothes, 1'11


They both have


them away or

donate them to charity.

The last time . Mrs Arnold will take care ot our cat while we are away. (Iook)

12. During to the Winter Olympic Games the smali mountain village


into a metropolis with thousands ol visitors trom all over the world. 13. I knew nothing about the treasure hidden in my garden. I ............... across

it while I was digging the earth.

14. Those naughty boys went on making terrible noise in the park even though they had been

oft by the annoyed constable.

15. Mr Simpson's illegal practices enabled him to

away without

paying taxes tor almost two years.




V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.















I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

sight The money that some professional sportsmen eam shouldn't


1. Stop acting like a chiid. In a tew weeks, you'lI be com ing of



no body will tolerate your toolish behaviour any longer.


3. It's no use trying to operate the photocopier, it's be en out of


since September. for about twelve kilometres

a few






And once they reach their

pressure of being

(4) and subsequently replaced by someone who is younger, faster and

(5). For that reason, objectives like retirement benefits and

pensions are

(6) great concem to all prafessional athletes. (7) their protest against any policy unresponsive to their demands

5. The 8.20 fast train has never com e late, it has always arrived on the ....... 6. You say George and Stacy. I remember, it was love at first ...................... 7. These works of art aren't for One can only admire them in the

(8) the younger professionais seek more upgrading solutions to the

problemas moreand moreot themattacha propersignificanceto """"


a solid education, even at university level. Such an appraach should help them f'nd

museum. 8. The water in the lake must have been contaminated as dozens of holidaymakers came out in a

after having bathed in it.

9. I have been totally out of

this evening. I haven't won anything

interestingand well-paid jobs

A completely new strategy has been (11) by the schools priding themselves (12) supporting their own teams. Their authorities 'nsist debarred fram partaking in certain sports events, which may lead to further

10. 'Don't worry, it won't take long before the rescue brigade arrives.'

(13) in their profess'onal careers.

'It's a very comtorting piece of news that hel p is at , we serve a hundred

11. We don't have any exact data, but on

By these practical and most effective sports activity, the

customers a day. of our pentathlon team was a shame, but we expect them to do

much better at swimming which is the strangest

outside, so we had better stay at home this

evening. 14. Mrs Robson takes a lot of

in her cooking and her guests

compliment her on her delicious dishes. 15. I w'sh Tim would follow the doctor's ad vice and stop smoking like a

(14), combining education with (15) of the prafessional athlete as being brainless

and unintelligent may eventually be changing to the sportsmen's benefit.

of our

representatives. 13. It's raining cats and

(10) theirsports career is over.

that the sports clubs members achieve high academic standards or else they are

either at raulette or at blackjack.



Some ot the retired competitors go as far as to organize strikes and rallies to

until she was outrun by the Italian champion.

12. Today's performance


their brilliant careers won't last for ever. They live under a constant

with everything.

4. The Japanese runner was in the


and everlasting

(3) and display their talent at their best, they are fully conscious that

2. !t's much better for us that the supervisor has been dismissed fram work. Nobody could stand his finding

(1) the (2) immortality

impress anyone when you

1. a) reflection

b) attention

c) examination

d) consideration

2. a) obtain

b) fulti!

c) attain

d) succeed

3. a) prime


c) best

d) capacity

4. a) outcast

b) outshone

c) outstayed

d) outgrown

5. a) achieved

b) attributed

c) accomplished

d) accredited

6. a) wit h

b) in

c) at

d) of

7. a) voice

b) claim

c) ins'st


8. a) whereby

b) whereas

c) whereupon

d) wherein



b) learning

c) receiving

d) attending

10. a) right away

b) pramptly

c) barely


11. a) assembled

b) installed

c) devised

d) emerged

12. a) with

b) on

c) tor

d) in

13. a) disruption

b) hitch

c) detachment

d) wreckage

14. a) grounds

b) results

c) tactors

d) means

15. a) vision

b) outlook

c) image

d) judgement

9. a) mastering

9. It's essential that you deliverthe

documents in person by Thursday.

. . .. . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . . .. . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . - . . . - . . . . .. . . . . . .

10. Alice is going to apply torthe job ot a sales assistant in Newcastle. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. . .. . .. . . .. .. . ... .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .

. .. . . .. .. . .. . . .. . . .. . .

11. The only accident that happened last night was in Gloucester. A lorry collided with a tractor and the both drivers were slightly wounded. . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . . . .

... .... -

. . . . . . . - . . . . . . .. . . . . . .

12. The guide advised us to put on som e warm clothes as cold weather was torecast. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""'

13. Around midday, it started

II. Replace the italicized verb or phrase with the synonymous correct torm.

phrasal verb in the


to rain heavilyand the hikers had

to wait tor about halt an

starting their trip.

hour betore



14. You won't have any problems wit h recognizing

care about

bring about

do up

get over

give away

large crowd because ot his great height.


hold on

make out

put in tor

run into

set oft

stand out

take over

tum down

wrap up


.... ... "'

may result


. ... .....

.. ... ... .

in a tailure ot the machine.




3. Martin's condition was rather bad, but after a series ot antibiotic injections he recovered trom his illness. .. .. ...



.. ... . . . . .. . .. .








innocent praiseworthy




mea n



.. . .

4. Untortunately, our secret plans had been revealed by someone betore we managed

1. This is not a very wise decision. Just think ot all the consequences might lead to.

to put them into practice. ..........................................................................

5. The switchboard operator told me to wait on the phone betore she made


ita/icized adjective with a synonymous one.


2. We have decided to redecorate our sittingraom in August.

such an action


2. Mark was charmed by the girl's elegant movements and her good manners.



connection. .

6. The inscription on the label was written in such a smali print that I could hardly

7. I'm very sorry to say that I'm leaving your class tor some time. Mr Blackley will take my place.

... ..

.. .. . .. ..

3. This is nothing new. It's just a usualtransistor radio. ........................... 4. Our academy admits only people with a real interest in art.


5. The bitterteeling ot having bee(1deserted by his closest triends made Stanley leave the city tor ever. ... . . 6. It you need some more specitic intormation, tum to Mr Smith, who is in direct contra I ot our department. ...........................

its meaning. ..............................................................


8. At tirst, they seemed to be amazed at Peter's offer ot two thousand pounds, but in the end they

... ... . .

15. Making any unauthorized alterations

1. Stop telling me about this tournament. /'m not interested in it. .....................................


him. He is easily seen even in a

7. The terrible discoveryot a skeleton in Mrs Preston's garden has pravoked endless speculations about a murderer hiding somewhere in the neighbourhood. """"" .......

rejected it.

. . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . .. .. . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .



8. The local newspapers write about the boy's admirabfe courage. After all, he was the only one who hurried to the rescue.


by the chairman's reply that I didn't know whether I was allowed to

Mrs Johnson's

a new secretary.

(sure that)

... ...................

cast the vote or not. ........................... 11. Since

10. 1'11 go upstairs to tind out it they have already vacated the rooms.


10. I was so confused


... . .. ... . .. ... . ... .. .


9. The suspect claimed he was not guifty and that the robbery was committed by someone else.

, 9. In spite ot countless obstacles, Jim succeeded in building his own house.



V. Choose the correct answer. we have been in an


need ol


1. Mrs Hurston was in deep

12. Mike's comment on the political crisis in our country provoked a fascinating discussion which kept us awake during the whole night.

a) regret


13. He is usually very fazy, so we have a hard time ol making him do his lessons properly.


b) griet


d) disturbance

c) lament

2. The Martins have contirmed their strong donating

to charity actions by

a lump sum ot money again.

a) compliance

14. The poor mother went mad after she had learnt about her son's deadfyaccident.

after her husband's unexpected death.

b) reliance

d) commitment

c) assignment

3. Theotherpartyhas raiseda numberot

to the retorms in the tax



15. Don't bother to ask him a lavour. He is too seffish to help other people.

a) problems


b) objections

c) difficulties

d) complaints

4. My older brother is extremely tond ot astronomy, he seems to

IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their origina( meaning.

a lot ot pleasure trom observing the stars. a) derive

b) possess

c) seize

d) reach it too tar, so

5. I can accept criticism in general, but George really .....

1. I don't usually sleep after work. (in the habit) .. ..

.. .. .... .

a) carried

2. Uttle Tommy was expecting Christmas with real delight. (forward to) ."..

I had no other option but to show my disapproval.


b) pushed

(capable) ....

4. Alan is both a good sprinter and a skilled jumper.

d) made

6. When old Mr Barnaby died, several people substantiallegacy

3. The young clerk didn't know how to deal with this complicated matter. ..."..

c) put

a) placed

their claim to the


that he left. b) drew

c) assumed

d) laid

7. The relations between these two countries have become very after the unpleasant incident at the border.


a) reckless

b) excitable

c) teverish

8. The press puts

5. Several workers relused to join the strike. (opposed)


d) tense

on the police torces who were unable to cope

wit h the crowd ot savage hooligans. a) tault

b) charge

c) blame

d) guilt

6. I haven't lent my new lawnmower to anybody. 9. On entering the nursery I stumbled on the wooden blocks Nobody



Qver the carpet.

7. Peter's hair really ought to be cut. (needs)

a) plunged .. .. .. .. . .. . . . . . . .

b) scattered

c) settled

d) tossed

10. No matter how loudly you shout to him he won't hear you. He is as deat as a

8. The attacker made me open the sale. (was


a) bat

b) stump

c) tomb

d) post



' " I" I" I I .,


her compliments on her excellent knowledge of the

11. The jury subject. a) paid

b) gave

c) made

d) said of

12. We couldn't stay long, so we only wished Mark many happy

I. Write in the correct

his birthday and hurried to the airport. a) days

b) retums

c) moments

- d) regards

L- - -

13. Ever since we quarrelled in the office, Janice and I have been

b) confirmed

feli in love with the buli and she - I'd certainly have

14. It I had known that she had tallen so seriously visited her in hospital. a) iii

b) unhealthy

a) absent

b) deserter

d) vanished before you give me the

16. You needn't hurry. You may take your definite answer. c) time

a) stored

b) fixed

with anger when he saw his car had been

c) loaded






(2) of their love was



(4) birth to a monster who was half-man and

t (5) hidden in a winding labyrinth deep



a horrible human sacritice

every nine years seven youths and seven maidens

were thrown down the dungeon to Minotaur - amonster

with a - - s - - (6) tor human

insisted on











monster. In a desperate fight Theseus

g (7) the Minotaur in its dungeon to kill the





f -



- - - -



(8) the monstrous


(9) ot Ariadne. On com ing back

to Athens, however, he didn't r - - - - (10) a white sail as he had


r -






b) credible

b) present

inlo the sea. Ever since the event, the sea has been cal led the Aegean Sea.

d) filled at alI. Nobody in the classroom

c) creditable

d) credulous

with the current political affairs in his

b) personality

II. Put the words in the correct form.

1. This year winter is rather mild in when temperatures

c) knowledgeable

d) actual

c) reaction

d) nature


with the last one

feli below thirty degrees.

2. Ali the

20. It's not easy to make Stanley furious, the boy is very gentle by . a) himself

f -

(11) to his father before and griet-stricken Aegeus - the king - threw - - - - - - f (12)

19. The professor wasn't ..., country after his long stay abroad. a) familiar

v -

and escaped from the maze with the helping

d) thinking

18. The schoolboy's excuse wasn't ............. believed in the far-fetched story he told. a) credential


tlesh. Theseus, the son ot Aegeus - the Athenian ruler - and the acknowledged

c) missing

a) while b) minute 17. Michael was ................... scratched.

half-bulI. The beast was, however, from the Athenians.

after he got lost in the

15. A young tourist has been declared .,..... mountains last Monday.


beneath the king's palace. Minos, as a revenge, demanded

d) unwell

c) invalid

(1) has it that Zeus - the highest of the gods - took the form of a buli and

Minos who was later e - - - - - d (3) the first king of Crete. The wife of Minos ais o

d) guaranteed

c) defined


seduced the princess named Europa. The


a) assured




of Ihe hotel had been evacuated betore Ihe

tire spread out. 3. If you want to improve your English, I recommend your buying a book on grammar "

(USE) .

4. Our grandtather is so (FEAR) ot the modern technologies that he doesn't even want to have a TV set in his house. 5. The international council has devoled several million dollars tor hel p to the (DEVELOP)

counlries in Atrica.

6. At tirst, I was against keeping the news secret, but Frank's



(SENSE) arguments finally convinced me. 7. That day was the most

(MEMORY) one in Pamela's whole lite.

She kept reminding us of it almost every day.





8. Working in these conditions may be extremely


9. I wouldn't say these two statues were made by the same sculptor. In fact, there's little

11. Apart

a harsh physical training, the troops have had to go

through an extensive language course.

between them.

(DENY) of

10. The competitor was disqualified even though his

12. For many years, the population of the Syberian tiger has been ................... real danger of extinction.

having Clsed steroids was so firm. (DEPART)

11. Due to a heavy snowstorm the ..........................

of the train was

14. Alice is working really hard

her business skilIs as she wants to

make a good manageress.

(IMAGINE) when writing their stories. 13. Big loans on very

13. Throughout the whole ceremony the president couldn't get rid of his anxiety the possible assassination.

delayed. 12. The teacher did his best to encourage his pupils to use their


conditions are offered by the bank

15. This man has no idea about the law procedures, he must have been appointed as a juror

to those who make a large-scale investment. 14. It was a

We are expecting the mail

any moment.

health, especially if no protective clothes are worn. (RESEMBLE)

10. Would you mind waiting a minute?

(REST) afternoon for all the representatives,


who were

IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given torms 50 that they retain their original

busy preparing the necessary documents. (WISE)

15. I have always admired her great

and skill in handling the


most intricate problems. 1. The building designer doesn't like the idea of a complete reconstruction.

III. Insert the correct prepositions.












2. We have never visited a more charming place before. Never

petroi, its

response to the rising demand

3. My new assistant knows a lot about anaesthetics.



production has had to be increased. 2. She said she didn't need any support and that she could arrange everything

4. Qur experiment will be carried out only if we gather enough money. (condition that)


. ..

3. Danny wished his father could stay ......................... a few months of the military serviceto do. 4. Rather than go

5. We haven't contacted each other for several months.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ........

6. Mr Thompson's

opinion of these innovations is rather low. (much of)

....................... 7. Michael works overtime because he wants to pay off his debts. (view)

present; it's been

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... .....

repair since last Monday. 7. After a lon g walk through the dense jungle, the refugees found themselves terrain where they could feel free 8. The poor man who died devoted worker.

in a rocky

8. Each of us has tried to comfort the depressed patient. (attempt)

their pursuers.


... ..........

heart attack had been our most 9. I was just going to leave my office when the phone rang. (about)

9. The police have come across some substantial evidence, which will make it easier for the court to charge the terrorists



her son's victory in the school

competition. 6. I'm unable to use my computer


good, but the man still had

foot in the heavy rain, we preferred to wait a bus, however lon g that might have been.

5. Mrs Railey was very glad







10. Nobody managed to work out the correct answer. (fai led) . ..

... ... .........

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words. I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text. cash lamb sense


flight names

log temper






usually perceived


nature that


The knowledge and eloquence

that people

(1) through travelling is (2) in lile. It is the inquisitive

as the best ..................... (3) people to seek

(4) experiences and

to set out on an exploration trip. Those who travel Irequently and to places benetit tram establishing

ot marching

1. The younger scouts were too atraid to take the

However, there is a

and started to shout at the


with the job.


(10) their baseless

(11) with the real concept

(12) question, travelling


6. There is no bigger gardening enthusiast in the village than Mr Dandelion. His skill at growing plants is admirabie and his neighbours say he's got green ..".................... 7. Let me stay at home this morning, please. I'm tee!ing rather under the ,so I won't be ot great use in the office.


in all laur


it easier tor many individuals to acknowledge

(13) Iriendship and makes

the true value ot different traditions and

customs. Yet, it does not always mean enjoymenL

It mayaiso

com ing close with the atrocities ol real existence

as well as becoming

(14) aware ol the

challenges and hardships that other people have to struggle with. Hence, a true voyage is

8. Phillip, apologize to your sister! I don't want to hear you caliing her

the one with a good deal ol experience



9. We were intormed by the shop assistant that they didn't accept credit cards.

Consequently, we had no other option but to pay in

enables travellers

and get

This direct contact

corners ot the globe.

5. I can't say he's very good at playing the saxophone. It hap pens quite often that he


it is only the tirst-hand encounter that can help change

(9) towards the so-called 'interior communities'.

with a different civilization

4. Mary has no prablems with running the accounts. Indeed, she teels at

plays out ot



it has made.

that people are

(8) cliches and untounded prejudices about other nations and

their characteristics.

3. The trading company that he set up a year ago has recently gone to the because ot the huge tinanciallosses

(7) ol truth in the assumption

prane to

students who had been sniggering ali the time.


(5) (6) a better

and ...............

knowledge about other cultures and lilestyles.

through the deep torest late at nighL 2. After a while, the lecturer lost his ...~

new relationships





(15) about, very otten

with exposure to abhorrent sights and incredible ordeals. The learning to be

complete, thus, requires an abi!ity to observe and analyse the surraundings,


both their

glamour and brutality.

1O. When Alex returns tram work, he is usually sa tired that he falls asleep immediately and sleeps !ike a until supper time. 11. I can understand his dissatistaction wit h his meagre wages, but on the other

1. a) purchase

b) exact

c) gain

d) nurture

2. a) completion

b) lullilment

c) conclusion

d) resolution

3. a) impels

b) involves

c) entails

d) pursues

4. a) thriving

b) throbbing

c) thwarting

d) thrilling

13. Brian takes sandwiches and black coffee tor breaktast as a ..

5. a) reverse

b) averse

c) diverse

d) converse

14. That dog ot theirs may look dangerous, but in tact, it's as gentle as a

6. a) acquiring

b) educating

c) learning

d) exacting


b) grain

c) scrap

d) tip

8. a) persevering

b) cherishing

c) indulging

d) persisting

".. ,he isn't a tuli time worker. ot

12. Somebody pushed Eric in the crowd and the boy tell down the stairs and brake his leg.

15. The new apprentice is very clever. However, one thing he stilllacks

is the

ot duty.



b) manner

e) outlook

d) approaeh

10. a) drop

b) eease

e) tail

d) quit

11. a) intormed

b) realized

e) aequainted

d) detined

12. a) Apart

b) Beyond

e) Untailing

d) Beneath

13. a) taeilitates

b) aftords

e) elieits

d) ineites

1. Richard the Third wasn't the on!y king who died


b) derive

e) eonsist

d) enelose

2. Mr Bradley has had an alarm installed in his car

tear ot having it

b) reminisee

e) resemble

d) remind

9. a) prejudiee

14. a) involve 15. a) eommemorate

III. Insert the correct prepositions. AT







stolen. vitamins and minerais, the risk ot

3. If your diel is deticient developing a serious disease is higher.

II.Put the words in the correct form.

the main branch

4. Our section has gained quite an independence since we are able to raise our own tunds.

1. Eddie had imagined lite on Ihe tarm lo be enjoyable and peaeetul, bul Ihe

".. (REAL) 2. Do youremember

lurned out to be tolally difterent.

the exaet

3. They say that that?


ot Ihis mathematieal


(SILENT) is golden, but who eould really believe (IN FORM).

Even his

return ot post? It will be

6. Why don'l you send a message delivered more quickly, then.

has assured us that his producls always work properly, no matter

how long they have been

(ABLE) enabled her to obtain a seholarship

6. Our national team has played beyond .....

(EXPECT). They have (CONT AIN) ot our

7. The customs officer insisted on examining the


8. We have recently direcled our aims

developing a prototype ot an

extremely economical vehiele. 9. You should be ashamed

beaten the world ehampions twice.


what you have done. Oon't ever hit your

brother again! 10. II wasn't at all easy tor the European members ot the expedition to get aeeustomed

suitcases. 8. One ot the most disturbing questions the governmenl has to tace is Ihe rising (EMPLOY)

among the rural population.

9. Even Ihough an

so hot and humid a elimate ot South America.


11. The Browns and their neighbours we re examined at the police station in eonnection the burglaries in the district.

(EXTENO) seareh tor the missing ehild has been

earried out by Ihe local police, there has been no sign ot progress so tar. 10. 'Aliee has to Id me she is thinking ot breaking oft her (ENGAGE) 'Do you think she doesn't love the boy any more?'

11. Thanks to the operation my

(SEE) has improved considerably.

I hope that after the next one I won't have to wear glasses at alI. 12. A lot ot , (COMPLAIN) have been written to the town council by the inhabitants ot the area where the nuclear power station is to be built. 13. The most

a good rest.

7. The manutacturer

books didn't eontain so much relevant data. 5. Cindy's unique artistie abroad.

marehing up the hill and asked tor

5. The scouts got very tired

4. Protessor Jenkins' leetures were the most

to Martin.'


(STAND) teature ot his character is his great

generosity. 14. I wouldn't assume that he would help you in case ot trouble. He isn't so

12. You should have asked Tom to instal the pipe in your bathroom. He is very elever :

every kind ot manual work.

13. I did my best to be helptul

pianning Ihe excursion, but Ihey

seemed to pay no attention to my remarks. 14. The tire brigade have earned a good deal ot appreciation


great courage displayed in the rescue action. 15. After two months spent in the local hospilal, Christine has recently recovered her bad injuries.

(REL Y) a person as you may think him to be. 15. What the teacher expects us to write is a thorough description ot the (INOUSTRY) revolution in Britain.



t IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their original meaning.

3. In spite ot our big ettort, we have not managed to

enough money

tor the renovation ot the school buildings.

1. I was strongly determined to complete my dissertation by the end ot the month.

b) compose

c) rear

d) score

4. The success ot our campaign is can attract.

.. ... ... ..... .

I had

a) raise

on the num ber ot investors we

2. Father doesn't want you to k-eep these disgusting insects. (rid) a) legible

b) relative

c) dependent

d) obtainable

5. George didn't attend school tor six weeks as he had to stay in hospital where he was 3. When we came back home we realized it had been broken jnto.

for pneumonia.


a) tixed

b) mended

c) relieved

6. I don't believe a...............

4. He willlie on the sota doing nothing all day round. (nothing but)

a) sentence

d) treated

. of what he says.

b) word

c) phrase

d) matter

7. We couldn't stand his nast y

5. They say they don't want to play cricket any more. (bored)

of spitting on the floor and we moved

him tram our department. 6. Andy didn't tell anybody that he was going on a lone expedition.


Andy went

b) character

c) gui!!

d) habit

enough on becoming a professional sportsman and he

didn't want to listen to anybody else's advice.

7. As soon as it gets warmer, the spring tlowers will bloom. The moment

a) intent

b) eager

c) definite

d) certain

9. You'd better not place a bet on Stalion. In my opinion, the horse doesn't

8. One ot the relatives has made a statement tor the mourning parents on television.

a) disposition 8. A/ex was


a) win

9. Was it difficult tor you to assemble the set? (difficulty)


a chance ot winning the race.


b) stand

d) play

10. Nobody took any contaminated water. a) information

10. We are hiring a specialist to redecorate the tlat. (having)

c) rise

ot the warning and they went swimming in the

b) attention

11. It was ..........

c) notice

d) sight

time we did something about the case, but we had no idea

how to react. a) main

b) high

c) latest

d) fair

12. The loan that we had received trom our parents

V. Choose the correct answer.

us to buy a tlat in

Cambridge. 1. Michael was a terrible a) culprit

b) coward

, he was even atraid to stay at home alone. c) tiance

d) boaster

2. After a lengthy debate, the spokesman announced the board had

b) solved

c) reached

d) compromised

c) fultilled

d) granted

his joy at winning the prize by inviting his triends to a firstb) envisioned

14. I was immensely the bus accident. a) relieved


b) assisted

class restaurant tor dinner. a) appeared

a unanimous conclusion. a) commited

a) enabled 13. Patrick .......

c) exposed

d) displayed

to hear that none of my re/atives was killed in

b) improved

c) recovered

d) healed


15. They say that a friend in a) miss

b) lack

is a friend indeed. c) wish


d) need

ot an

16. It is not a great achievement to me if you make money by.....

a) sorts

b) means

c) process

b) sword

c) cut

I. Replace each italicized

word with a synonymous

The game of solving difficult profound excitement

d) razor

18. The mother was furious when she entered the nurseryand

saw it in complete

(1) puzzles has always fil1ed (2) people with the feeling of a

(3). No wonder, then, that the fascination

b) dirt

c) disorder

having to

b) correspond

c) prove

their duty in the

b) perform

c) commit


(8) like

old maps and other variety (9) ot clues promising

fanatics are legends, myths,


(10) fortunes


beneath the earth's surface or drowned in the ancient galleys.

right way. a) operate

with amateur and professional seekers equipped with h.ighly sophisticated

What raises the adrenaline level in these treasure-obsessed

d) inter

20. Mr Robson's job is to teach the young officers to

claim, there is a little boy in every treasure

metal detectors, radars, sonars or underwater cameras.

pay extra money. a) mean


hunter.Vet, the chase (6) of hidden valuables has recently become a serious venture (7)

d) junk

19. Your staying in this room longer than seven days will

(4) of treasure hunting

has invariably been associated with the possibility of realizing the most improbable dreams. According to what the psychologists

a) pollution


d) works

17. Mind that the baby shouldn't to uch the knife, it's as sharp as a a) blade

r !

illegal business.


I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.


c) access

d) exploitation

10. a) collaborate

b) incorporate

c) ally

d) integrate

11. a) foundations

b) bases

c) graunds

d) rudiments

12. a) handling

b) operation

c) activation

d) performance

13. a) replaced

b) deputized


d) substituted

14. a) measured


c) reckoned

d) appraised

15. a) des pite

b) irrespective

c) exeept

d) nonetheless


p::,",:i1/':,,!!!,U' 'ih ',',i

Sad as it is, a soeial mispereeption

b) admittance

9. a) entry

"";:\!i;:!;~~~W;~ S».T",27",;/J"',;

of the disabled is stil I

(1) in many


It is only in a few highly civilised states where the problems and needs ot

people with physical or mental incapacities are given the praper

,... (2).

In the remaining countries, the discrimination against the disabled is still practiced in many (3) of social lite. As in the past, they are ignored, denounced


forced to stay away tram the norma I com mu nity which, unfortunately, making any


phrasal verb.

isn't capable ot

,.. (4) for its less fit members.

For decades,



(5) and


(6) the disabled of their fundamental have been




of every


back down


get round

rights as their job applications

run across

(7) down, their active participation in business life has on

bring up have on

dwell on

crop up

make out

pick up

track down

tum out

Jook to

stand up to

take to

fali off

(8) been disallowed and there has been little concern for their

convenience in


(9) to public transport. Equally little effort has been

made to hel p the disabled fulIy

(10) with the able-bodied

(11) for greater community


thus laying

ot the drawbaeks

their struggle for putting their basic rights into stereotyped ,



(13) for a more considerate

disabled shouldn't be

really know how to persuade him. ,


2. We were warned not to oppose the CEO's decisions or else we would be fired.

There's an urgent need to offer the disabled more adequate assistance


1. One of the boys fram my class objects to taking part in the performance and I don't

that the

handicapped have to wrestle with daily.

is that

II. Replace each italicized verb or phrase with the correct form of a synonymous

, the


and support in

,... ..., ... ...

,... ..,.. ... .,.. ... .., ... ..

.... .. ,

..., .. ..

.... ... .. .......


(12). The key principle individuals


to be

one. Another pressing matter is that the

"... (14) on the basis ot their handicap,

but society

shouldratherfocus on pravidingthemwithcompleteacceptanee



3. The question was so delicate and prablematic that there was no body willing to mention it. ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . ..

' . . . . . . . . ' .. .

4. We invariably rely on Paul whenever giving a lift to the airport is the matter. .

ot any imperfeetions thus treating them as fully-fledged eitizens.

. . . . . . . . ..

.. ... ... ... . .. . . .. .., .. . .. . .. .., ... . .. . , , ... ... . .. . .. .."..

. .. .. .. .. ' .. . .. ...

.. , .. .. , , ,

.. . , ,


5. Your report deals too much with the side effects of the venture. Why not write more 1. a) infinite

b) universal

c) abundant

d) prevalent

about its good points, Mr Hewitt?

2. a) relevance

b) consideration

c) appraaeh

d) esteem

. . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . ' . ..

3. a) ranges

b) fractions

c) realms

d) areas

4. a) accounts

b) pravisions

c) measures

d) concerns

b) vivid

c) tit

d) right


c) seized

d) stripped

7. a) pulled

b) turned

c) passed

d) brought

8. a) oeeassions

b) times

e) instane es

d) events

5. a) hale 6. a) shelled

6. This automobile manufacturer

produces about a thousand ears a year, half ot which

are exported. . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..,

7. The visitors leaving for Dublin will be collected by a bus after breakfasl. ,




149 148


I I:

8. In the tace ot all these arguments I had to admit J was wrong.

5. I noticed that only some of the adolescents were not drunk when they entered the ".

9. Even the extensive advertising campaign hasn't prevented the dem and for our printers from


1O. 'She says she's going to be a medicine student.'

'Oh, don't believe hero She's


of the rural area have lived in


po ar conditions

political conflicts destroyed the economy of this region.



11. I'd had no idea there were jewels hidden in my attic. I just found them comp/ete/y chance.

... .. ... """'


... ....

.. ..




ever since the


... ... ...

of the catastrophy would have been very serious.

10. This brand new stereo set produces sounds of astonishing





with a synonymous

your affection.

13. The identity of the attacker couldn't be established as the profile provided by the

14. Jackie says she is rather



worried about

the outcome of the operation.

"... .......


it became clear my business partner had vanished with all the money. o



witness was not elear.

14. We were convinced Patrick would get to like uncle Jerry the moment he met him.

15. There were a few minor difficulties in the beginning, but real problem s appeared

and tell Amanda


quality. .......................

12. We have to tolerate his chi/dish acting as he is only nine. ..........................


phrase ar adjective

9. Hadn't the passengers of the capsized ferry been equipped with life jackets, the


13. After the two-hour search, the hunters decided to give up fo//owing the stags.

III. Replace each italicized


11. Wait for the most suitab/e occasion



extraterrestrial civilization.


... ... ......

12. Don't worry, he only pretends that he is such a strict teacher.


Hardly anyone can amuse crowds of

8. You are being funny, Ted. You won't convince me you have had an encounter with an


.. ... ...

6. Mark's sense of humour is quite incomparabJe.

7. Inhabitants


.... .. .


people for tour hours without a pause. "'"



15. It you were to choose the most di/igent student in your class, who would that be, Miss Oice? .......................... IV. Rewrite the sentences

using the given forms so that they retain their original

meaning. apprehensive destitute previous





conscientious 1. It was a pity nobody voted in favour of our party.







I wished


2. Why did Mary resign? (the reason) 1. Sherylwas complimented on her thorough knowledge of the subject and given the best marko .......................... 2. The world record set up by the farmer champion hasn't been broken so far. ..................... 3. To be honest with you, I have to say I have no experience in handling such comp/ex matters. .......................... 4. In the assistant's opinion the scheme is possib/e


to be carried out. .....................


... ............

3. You shouldn't forget about your grandmother's

birthday in any circumstances.

Under no 4. The whole truth didn't com e out until after the governor's death.

It wasn't 5. You are forbidden from leaving the house at night. Your



us into thinking that it was a halt-price

8. The inaccurate intormation

6. How long have they been listening to this loud music?

flight to Chicago.


a) misconducted

7. No sucH idea has ever occurred to me betore. (crossed)

b) mistired

9. She doesn't

... 8. If the weather is tine, we may go camping at the weekend.

a) claim


c) misintormed

d) misled

to be an expert, but certainly she knows a lot. b) impress

c) intorm

d) argue

10. People under eighteen aren't

lor membership

in this association.


a) viable 9. I'm sure it wasn't Barney who broke the mirror as he was outside all the time.

a) minds

10. Having replaced the t'at tyre with a new one, we went on driving to the countryside. After


d) lega'

b) brains


c) senses

saying that he can fly.

d) thoughts

12. You may think I am an old man, but I can assure you I am still strong. a) doing

V. Choose the correct answer.

b) running

c) making

d) going me Irom work.

13. That constant noise Irom the children's room is a) distracting against Peter because ot his criticism

1. Are you still bearing a about your singing? a) dislike

c) permissible

11. He couldn't have been in his right


It couldn't

b) eligible

b) dis pers ing

d) disrupting

c) disturbing

yoursell to

14. As soon as you cross the army gates, you will have to the superiors' commands.

b) grudge

c) contempt

2. We took the most

d) scorn

a) abide

b) devote

c) submit

d) comply

route while travelling to Paris.


15. II you tell him he isn't a good musician, that will be nothing a) torward

b) regular

c) direct

d) even ot the

3. It isn't easy to obtain admission to this university, to say ...................

a) less

costs you have to incur. a) but a tew

b) only a little

c) not so much

d) nothing more

ot everything after he was evicted tram the

apartment and his properties were taken by the debt collector. b) possessed

c) deprived

a) continuing

c) dea'

b) redundant

c) unoccupied

d) idle

and leellike

having a short nap.

ot his opinions, which, I guess, made him so a) lilled up

c) notice

b) worn ot!

c) let out

your own business?

ot the a) beware

b) care

c) mind

20. II the new law had been c) fault

d) done in

19. I'm led up with your constant interfering in my private lile. Why don't you

d) recognition

tongue. b) mistake

'Oh, it was right after the strike

18. Don't push me into helping you in the garden nowo I'm complete'y

d) time

7. I said Ricardson, but I meant Richardson. It was just a

a) slip

d) standing

c) constant

b) lasting

the unions had organized.'

turious. b) regard

joke among his

closest Iriends.

a) useless

6. Nobody took any ............... a) attention

d) bigger

by her husband who left her with

tour chi'dren to look after.

b) worry

c) more

17. 'When was your son made ....

d) acquired

5. Mrs McCarthy was given a hard

a) problem

b) short

16. Mike's tendency towards forgetting things is a

4. The poor man was

a) removed

a humi'iation to him.

d) watch on by the Parliament, there would have

d) lapse been a great dissatislaction a) accepted

in the lower social groups.

b) admited

c) adopted

d) agreed 153


5. One ot the local newspapers poured scorn on the reteree for his


(PART) in the last game. The man was accused of favouring the home team. 6. It was impossible to read the pedestal inscription for it had been ....................

I. Write in the correct words.

(FACE) by some mindless vandal. 7. Due to numerous complaints from motorists the Transport Department

It is the human factor that



t - - - - - - s (1) to the absolute majority of road


accidents which involve the tremendous

toll of fatalities each year. Other, less decisive,

causes are vehicle malfunctions or road shortcomings. Speeding motorists are misjudging the -



Drinkers -





n -




















(4) the distance while overtaking the 'snailpacers' ahead.



t -



(5) behind

the wheel

(6) the risk of causing

which is not so rare a







after one glass

a tragedy










(8) the necessary alterations in










(9) if the

vehicle users are to benefit from greater security on the road. The idea of producing safe parental instruction

or through incorporating

regulations into the school curriculum has been widely - - communities

and is expected to y - - - -

bettering the qualitications

hazards that may


9. It's only a three day stay in the hotel and I think we can ignore such smali (CONVENIENT)

as the lack ot hot water or air-conditioning. (HEART)


(ARM) just

11. 80th ot the fighting sides have agreed on a temporary to let the civilians safely leave the place.

more severe disciplinary resolutions ought to be put into



continuing his research after his tindings were rejected by the experts.

or two may be

the traffic system than change the behavioural patterns ot drivers. There are voices that

road users through


10. My husband is so depressed. He has been

e (7), again.

Unfortunately, it is much simpler to

8. Don't expect her to conceal her emotions, she's too

(3) on the road or being unable to accurately


(WIDE) the narrow streets in the town.

refrain trom telling what is on her mind.

(2) for tailing to give way at junctions,


administered funds for


I -




the safety

d (10) in many

(11) the required results as the first step in

of the future drivers and acquainting

them with the potential

12. We are so proud ot your most


academic achievements

that we have decided to take you on a trip to Australia. 13. This is the


I have received from the Electricity Board to

settle an overdue bill. 14. A dress

(HEAR) is the final practice in costumes before staging

a play in the theatre. (HOSTILE)

15. How can you account for Jack's

towards Morris?

I thought they were very close triends.

r - - - (12) en route. III. Insert the correct


II. Put the words in the correct form. AT 1. This tin contains





1. Never betore have I been more reliant

2. Brian is thinking of becoming a world famous


after he

finishes his studies.






to be accepted. A good broker

must be able to take prompt decisions. (BURY) attracted hundreds of his admirers who came

my parents than during the

lon g stay in hospital. 2. Joan kept herself busy .......................

3. In my view, he is too

to pay their last respects.


gas and it should be handled wit h


4. The poet's


a lot of housework just to forget about her

problems. 3. It's a considerable risk placing so much trust of its shares hasn't been

the firm. The value the increase for five weeks nowo

4. Their situation was critical. They had no map, their water supplies were running low and they had no tood to subsist

154 ..



great pains to repair the engine, but in the

5. The mechanic was

5. You should ask for som e medical support as soon as you reach the nearest town.

end, he advised me to buy a new one.

Immediately any kind

6. Stop spraying this onto me! My nose is very sensitive of fragrant substances.

6. We couldn't find her anywhere. found.

She was the far-fetched

7. Don't believe a word of what they say and beware ....

7. I couldn't understand a word of what he said. (taii)

theories they put forward at their gatherings. the affair.

8. I'm not convinced Arthur's comments had much to do

8. Should you practice the piano so often?

the point.

To me, they were rather


particular that attracted

9. It was George's brilliant erudition

9. Our supplies of firewood will soon be finished.

Stephanie's attention.

10. Carol is obliged to do the washing up at home.

guarantee. view of so many extenuating circumstances



10. You needn't pay for repairing the washing machine, madam. It is still



(an obligation) "..........

he shouldn't be

punished tOGseverely.

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

12. The rural population in the region has been warned to economize fresh water because of the imminent dry spell. prison yet?'

13. 'Has Howard Jackson been discharged still being kept

'No, he's



14. You aren't obliged to consult your every move with the management.

You may act






bargain fun








,.. will as long as it brings profits for the company. the injury

15. In the doctor's opinion, the pain in your hip bone stems

1. That day was terrible. Our car broke down, we were robbed at the airport and on

you incurred in the last season. IV. Rewrite the sentences

of ali that Sam my lost his ticket. 2. 'How is Martin doing in Switzerland?'

using the given forms so that they retain their original

'I've no idea. He hasn't dropped me a single

since he left.'


water the

3. Ali the delicious and tempting sweets made Eric's 1. I cannot do anything more to make you feel comfortable.

moment he came close to the table.


4. Why don't you act your


instead of going on like a spoiled child?

5. I don't have much to say about the local policies as I have been out of

2. Many wild animals are in danger of extinction.


The life


with it for a long time.

6. 'Thomas seems to be a bit disturbed these days.'

3. If I were you, I would throw the files away. (dispose)



'Indeed. He does. He has got

on his shoulder because he wasn't allowed to go camping with

his friends.' 4. The Wrights don't have much money to live in comfort.


ends meet.

7. 'Did he do a good job renovating your cottage?'

'Sure, he put his

into the wark.'



8. You can set your mind at """""""""""""""

. (i

nowo There's no more risk of being


bitten by the Browns' dog. They have had it put down.






"{"'ii;"!; ,iii. ,'"!;-,'


9. Several years of heavy working in the harmful conditions of the coalmine have undoubtedly taken their

on my father's health.

I. Choose

the words

that best complete

the sentences

in the text.

10. Alex's terrifying story of the Portsmouth butcher made my hair stand on There's extensive historical evidence that our ancestors may have witnessed a massive 11. This restaurant has fallen into

since several people suffered from

invasion of Unidentified extraterrestrials

severe food poisoning last month. 12. Mr Bradley, the foreman, was asked to hold the

in the workshop

(1) on their territories.


(2) to have come into populations

and helped

These (3) with


(4) numerous

magnificent structures or even establish glamorous empires.

and look after everything while the director went on holiday. 13. They did act foolishly cali ing Robert names, let alone poking

the ancient

Flying Objects



his wife.

However, the present-day


first widely

with UFO was oniy

(5) by the

(6) American sighting in Idaho in 1947. Since that time,

countless other close encounters have been reported both by highly credible witnesses 14. Not wishing to take

Mary preferred not to support anyone and

remain absolutely impartial. 15. He won't let you gain much in your own favour, he usually drives a hard

such as top-class pilots and less credible ones such as ordinary civilians. Thousands of people around the world maintain having com e outer space or to have been

(7) to the visitors from (8) for a scientific study inside their flying

saucers. Although most of these accounts have been or hallucinations,


(9) as fantasy

(10) criticism from the public and media for

ignoring the subject for tOG long. To many people, rejecting even the most inexplicable sightings

ar UFO encounters

as luminous

auroras or even as meteorological

artificial objects,




balloons and satellites seems to be an irresponsible

(11). Most of us would prefer to believe that these extraterrestrial guests are arriving from same remote galaxies to

(12) a peaceful

relationship and possibly give us a fair warning against the consequences lifestyles. Vet, there's another theory

of aur wasteful

(13) that the visitors' attitude

towards mankind isn't sa conciliatory and that their sole aim might be the unscrupulous annihilation of the terrestrial Ooubtless, flying saucers

populations. still continue to be observed

(14) the imagination of UFO-maniacs. sightings will remain

(15) explanation

in many places of the world But, a large percentage of such until more convincing evidence

is supplied by the true experts.


1. a) surpassing

b) approximating

c) transgressing

d) encroaching

2. a) reasoned

b) alleged

c) denoted

d) inferred

3. a) touch

b) grip

c) face

d) sight

4. a) fabricate

b) plant

c) erect

d) install



5. a) discharged

b) instigated

c) constituted

d) devised

6. a) proclaimed

b) notified

c) communicated


7. a) direct

b) adjacent

c) close

d) nearby

8. a) abolished

b) abducted


d) abbreviated

9. a) speculated

b) disposed

c) repelled.

d) dismissed

10. a) multiplying

b) piling

c) storing

d) mounting

11. a) approach

b) bias

c) encounter

d) manner

12. a) establish

b) engen der

c) enact


13. a) consisting

b) specifying

c) meaning

d) implying

14. a) startling

b) triggering

c) sparking

d) arising

15. a) beyond

b) above

c) under

d) beneath

11. Gordon was rather worried about his condition, and so the doctors had to (SURE) him pretty strongly to restore his self-confidence. 12. One of the card players communicated


to the eye of the

less experienced participants. 13. We have had to replace the outdated technology with a modern one in order to make our work more


14. The automobile manufacturer

from Torino is the most serious contracting part of ours.

They usually order


amounts of the valves that get

installed in their vehicles. 15. Mrs Stone is an


mother. Her baby is due next month.

III. Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs.

II. Put the words in the correct form. 1. The monarch's mindlessness

with his partner by means of discreet facial

movements which were almost

led to a complete downjall oj his


(KING) and abject poverty among his subjects. 2. Completing the task seemed


at jirst, but in the end, it






bring let snap







tourned out that it was much easier than we had expected. (COMPOSE)

3. The mining industry, one of the most important

of 1. Infidelity stands rather high among the reasons that make families

aur economy, brings enormous projits to the country. up these days. 4. The boy's manners were highly


No wonder that 2. Sue took offence with the other girls who didn't want to

the teacher objected to having him in his class.

her in on

their secrets.

5. We cannot rely on her account of the occurrence, it doesn't sound very

3. Severe measures had to be introduced to

down the turmoil

(FACT) . 6. 'What do you expect from your future wife, Mr Robson?' and


'I'd like one that is faithful

4. 'Did you know Mrs Dalton

so that she can fulIii all my requests.'

7. If only we hadn't forgotten to take the mosquito



wouldn't have suffered from so severe bites. 8. The rough treatment I received in the hotel definitely aroused my

9. It would be hard to find words to tell you about my impressions. The Scottish

10. t can't say he is a man of prison twice for robberies and fraud.

'The poor lady

biology teacher?'

'Sure, I did. What's up with her?'

away last week and yesterday we attended her

funera!.' 5. The businessman

has given up building an amusement """""""""""""""

reputation. He has been to

park in the city on account up against from the

local authorities. 6. The free tickets for the band's concert were


- the

of too many organisational problems he has

(PLEASE). In fact, I have never stayed in it again.

landscapes are simply

provoked by the savage football fans in Manchester.

up within seconds by

the enthusiasts flocking at the hall door. 7. The police have been


into the burglary case for three weeks

now, but their investigation has made liWe progress.



by you whatever

8. You may teel secure. Jwon't let you down. I will

8. You should never disobey the satety regulations.




9. Honestly, he is very clever at inventing stories. In the beginning, we were all

9. This case is similar to the one we investigated last year. (bears)

in by the ones he told us yesterday. 10. I'd rather we didn't eat the tish. Don't you think it is

oft a strange


10. 1'11 have to tind same time to lidy up Ihe garden shed next week.

(g et round to)

.. . ...

11. Autumn is approaching, and sa the days will sao n be


12. The judges had no basis tor passing any sentence because no testimany had been

V. Choose the correct answer.

out with actual tacts. 13. We teared we would have to sell the house to pay aft the debts and couldn't tind any better solution to

round this problem.

14. For several days, I had to

1. It's no responsive to aur requesls.

baek on my radio to hear the latest

news as my TV set was under repair.

a) well

in [250 a week we have been pretty well att.

using the given forms so that they retain their original


Not for a single moment 4. I preterred to take a course in psychology instead ot wasting my time at the




c) staled

guilly to the wrongdoing.

d) admitted

is planning to

tree leatlels intorming

b) tormulate

c) announce

d) issue

tor it. (take kindly)

3. l didn't think ot giving up going on the expedition tor a single moment.

6. Why don't we have a good time in the casino this night?

d) nerve

5. You say thal this smali spare part cost you f1 OO? I'm sure you paid through the

. . . . . .. . . . .

It is

c) irritalion

b) contirmed

4. The health department

Susan prides

5. Muriel may have torgotten about the evening classes.

to Peter's remarks about her appearance.

b) exceplion


a) invenl

Rather than

d) good

people about heart diseases lo help them attain a basic knowledge ot selt-protection.

1. Susan is very proud ot her sports aehievements.

mathematics department.

c) need


a) annoyance

a) pleaded

2. He wasn't very willing to accept anybody else's demands.

b) tine

2. Susan has taken

15. Since my husband got that job in the printing house in Gloucester and

IV. Rewrite the sentences

asking him tor anything seeing that he's not very

a) eye

b) nose

c) ear

d) lips

6. She couldn't have been very attached to Ihe cat it she decided lo give it away at a a) touch

. b) hint

c) stroke

7. The order trom the Headquarters

d) glance if we can't

reads that we should

break the rebell's resistance within Ihe next Ihree days. a) abandon

b) exit

c) cancel

d) relire for sweets

8. Jenny has been on a diet, but she can'l resist her


and then. a) inclination

b) craving

c) altraction

9. The prosecutor's decision is detinite. The arsonists will

d) lendency trial for

their destruelive activity. 7. Right after aur departure Tommy came down with a cold. No sooner


a) bear

b) stand

e) incur

d) confront


effort to

10. The police torces and the tire brigade have made a rescue the residents ot the burning block ot tlats. a) dual

b) shared

c) mutual

d) together

11. What I actualy earn bears no a) link

b) relation

to all my needs. c) association

12. Hundreds ot people arriving in America have sought political discrimination a) retuge

I. Replace each italicized trom


in their countries.

b) getaway

c) departure

training techniques

d) hideaway

the risk ot contracting som e dangerous disease trom insect bites. b) urging

c) inciting

d) running

14. We sent him to the best school in England and hired the best teachers, but it was ali as he had no will to learn at alI.

a) vain

b) inaccurate

c) invalid

message came trom the smali town in Oregon where he was tound alive. c) assessed

16. Frankie has always been held in high b) admiration

c) prestige

close cooperation


inspiration (5) comp/icated (6)


science and sportsmen

at helping


the athletes


to advance

has provided their

a fresh


in laboratories

The where

The remarkable development in sports achievements has been initiated (8) and led by !he sports




the shoe



in particular.

This fresh

between technology and competitors

(9) a dramatic progress in attaining record results. Whereas the average

(10) is about fifty per cent lighter. In consequence,

so good at

d) that

breakthrough its purpose

d) execute


like marathon runners can

cover long distances much faster than they did a hundred years earlier.



that have benetited trom the astounding

(11) in the sports equipment technologies. (12) can ais o take tremendous

the science ot sport. The expectations c) serve


weight ot a sports shoe two decades ago amounted to 320 grammes, today its equivalent

d) esteem

right. b) operate


(4) has prompted revolutionary

ot the human body are scrutinized


18. We don 't need a bigger suitcase. This one should

a) perform

(2) tor running tast or

chan ges in the tield ot athletics as well as in the other variety of sports disciplines. The

But it's not only the professional c) much


among his workmates

swimming as his sister iso b) there

and technological

scientitic approach and the impressive collaboration

17.As tar as Adamis concerned,he is nowhere a) near


(3) to get to the top. The extraordinary

d) speculated

because of his exceptional skill at handling the most difficult tasks. a) respect

the inborn (1)

by even the most sophistieated computer programs.

dead until the sensational

b) presumed


competitors are welcomed to act as useful consultants whose skil/ (7) cannot be imitated

d) tutile

15. The missing hitchhiker had been

a) estimated

In today's busy world ot sports competition jumping high isn't enough

13. Staying here without any proper inoculation is inadvisable as you may be

a) provoking

word with a synonymous

d) connection

Amateur joggers and keep-tit

advantage ot the enormous

and tastes

(13) chan ges in

(14) ot casual sportsmen

are ais o

running high tor the toot gear and othei accessories to guarantee maximum (15) comtort

19. Oue to the computer maltunction all our data was lost. So unhappily, we had to begin

and a betterment in performance.

all the calculations from a) onset

b) source

20. The

c) original

d) scratch

ot the project has be en suspended because of the

inadequate financing. a) implementation


b) establishment

c) installation

d) exploration

1. a) incorporated

b) interior

c) inherent

d) inward

2. a) aptitude

b) scholarship

c) proticiency

d) Ilexibility

3. a) profuse

b) superfluous

c) sufficient

d) ample

4. a) handicap

b) footmark

c) backlog

d) headway

5. a) novelty

b) lancy

c) incentive

d) bias

6. a) intricate

b) erroneous

c) implieit

d) cumbersome


7. a) craftsmanship

b) expertise

c) insight

d) ambivalence

8. a) cropped up

b) spurred on

c) sparked oft

d) jotted down

9. a) released

b) enhanced

c) invalidated

d) amplitied

b) successor

c) alternative

d) heir

10. a) counterpart


12. I will never agree to that. It's absolutely

to me that the

rubbish dump should be placed behind my house. 13. It was her most


appearance that made us let her

go unpunished. 14. The least


rural areas will be subsidized by the

11. a) bench mark

b) tlash point

c) quantum leap

d) master stroke

12. a) envoys

b) disciples

c) apprentices

d) zealots

13. a) generous

b) tabulous

c) prodigious

d) arduous

14. a) preterences

b) tendencies

c) prerequisites

d) specitications

one 1have read in the Daily. I won der what caused so many discrepancies

15. a) superlative

b) invincible

c) primary

d) ultimate

authors' accounts.

Agriculture Department to help modernize their cultivating techniques. 15. The report printed in the Mirror is totally

III. Insert the correct II. Put the words in the correct


in the


destruction is not

(OWN) ot this vehicle, sir?'










4. Even the deployment ot the peacekeeping troops couldn't prevent another


winning the Olympic gold medal.

2. The elderly gentleman says he hasn't seen his homeland tor twenty years and that he it a lot. the go ali night and he returned trom

3. Don't wake him up. He was work very tired.

(BREAK) ot heavy tighting in the trouble spot. (INSTAL) that we have to pay tor the turniture

4. One customer asked who was

authority in the store as he wanted

to make a complaint.

amount to f35.


6. It was the commander who ordered the complete


their belongings in case

5. The accused leaders were dispossessed they wanted to suppress any evidence.

the aircraft carrier after it was heavily hit by the enemy's torpedoes.

7. The population ot the partridge is

1. After tour years ot painstaking preparations and a harsh physical training, he has


'Ot course I have. Will the registration card do?'

5. The monthly


tinally succeeded

,.,.,." (PREDICT) , either

3. 'Have you got any proot ot the



2. It's usually hard to guess when the earthquake may strike and the extent ot the

(COMPARE) smali in this

region considering that no shooting ot these birds has been allowed since 1988.

6. 'Where do es the word somnambulist derive

'Certainly, it is ot

Latin origin.' 7. The success ot our latest CD was tar

8. Mr Higgins' outstanding merits in the tield ot embriology are

our wildest dreams. Nobody

had expected it to become so popular.


8. What he says is

9. Will it ever be possible tor the human race to reach the extreme (BOUND)

to the


1. Paul has gained a lot ot tavour with the girls trom his class who are enchanted with his most


9. Some ot the artetacts discovered during the excavation work will be sold

ot the universe?

10. Eric has been studying

real. He is not the kin d who makes up stories.


10. Now that the case is

technical designer in the tuture. 11. The Court ot Justice has rejected all the Stacey on the grounds ot insufficient evidence.


and hopes to make a good


against Mrs

my hands, I don't need to worry any more.

The other barrister has taken it over. 11. Be honest

me and say how you came into possession ot the





12. Eddie got into serious trouble after he had treated himselt


V. Fili the gaps with the eorreet words.

many books and had no money left tor the bus back home. 13. Ali these documents are k~pt

tile so that we may get them quickly

whenever we need them. 14. Visit us again in summer when ali the flowers in the garden are










eold safe wet

fiat short wide

tuli bloom. degrees. It will

15. The situation in the occupied territory is improving

another gir!.

certainly take some time betore peace is fully restored.

ot the marko Com e again and

2. Sorry, but your answers are rather ................. IV. Rewrite the sentenees

shoulder by

1. Martin's been feeling low since he was given the

using the given forms so that they retain their original


retake the exam after you have learned more. water when it was discovered

3. The secretary of the party got into ..".............. she had taken bribes.

1. You cannot den y the old town square is imposing. There's

4. It we cannot put our best players in the game tomorrow our opponents will


automatically gain the

, hand.

5. You'd better be on the

2. To tell you the truth, I bought these shoes on the cheap.

song. 3. We were all shocked by the rude response that the boy gave to his loving mother. (abaek)

side and take these pills just in case your

casual cough turns into a regular cold. 6. Sonny did his best to make a good impression, but all his efforts feli when it became elear he had no experience in looking after children. 7. It was thought Max wouldn't attend his sister's wedding ceremony, but there he was as

4. The fligh attendand asked me to put down the cigarette. The flight attendant



as life greeting everybody at the church door.

8. There's no need for us to elean the chimney very frequently. We only do it once in




5. I just touched the handle and the burglar alarm jVent oft.

by the sudden storm that broke right

9. The garden party was cut


after the president's speech. minds whether to

10. I know their ofter is excellent, but I'm still in

6. William and Simon don't like each other. (get)

move to Leeds or not.

William and Simon

11. The manager's insistance on purchasing the plant is irrational to me. He'lI be throwing

7. Since their father's death, they have had serious financial problems. stra its.

good money after if he buys such an obsolete object. 12. It's not sensible to entrust such a demanding task to Albert. The boy is still behind the ears and I'm afraid he might bungle it.

8. Jack isn't so much interested in Lisa as in her parents' big fortune.

13. You look downcast, Patty. You should tryto put a


, face on your


9. Nigel doesn't pay much attention to my problems. granted.

14. Couldn't we switch to another channel?

I'm bored

watching this

silly series. 10. Do we have to work only night shifts all the time? Is there no alternative


15. The band manager saw

when it turned out that another concert

had been cancelled. He was as mad as a hatter.



I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

Stressful situations that

(1) almost everyday in life seem to be


unavoidable. However, we can do little sometimes to or an unpleasant occurrence which may.......... can. At such helplessness

a moment,

(2) a misfortune (3) us unexpectedly as only it

one may hit the

b) stance

c) practice

d) mode

9. a) withold

b) withdraw

c) wither

d) withstand

10. a) confront

b) deal

c) respond

d) challenge

11. a) term

b) course

c) timing

d) period

12. a) disposition

b) disposal

c) disposure

d) dispossession

13. a) risk

b) weakness

c) insecurity

d) jeopardy

14. a) stumble

b) stagger

c) stutter

d) stump

15. a) Providing

b) Given

c) Hence

d) Albeit

(4), give in to the

of the situation or, ideally, put a brave

(5) on it trying to II. Replace each italicized verb or phrase with the correct torm ot a synonymous

(6) the burden.


8. a) manner

Can you

(7) in your mind an hour spent in a traffic jam, say, this


Do you light one cigarette after another? Do you sound the horn every few

seconds like the other neurotics? Or do you take a different

phrasal verb.

(8) and

bring to

make good use of the time drawing up a schedule for the days to come? To

hang on

(9) the stressful moment you can ais o do a crossword puzzle, listen

see about

cali on lay in


drop out

make oft

put in

spring up

take up

give in round up

tum in

wait on

to your favourite music or even compose a menu for your Sunday din ner. In fact, whatever way you

(10) to the annoying situation, you can exert no impact on it

as the traffic jam will only reduce in due

(11). Nevertheless,


1. How big are the profits we can expect the London branch to produce this year? ,

reaction might considerably influence your The inability to confront sensibility

a stressful occurrence

like that wit h a deal of composure

adds much more strain to your life and in this way puts your well-being (13).



(12) for the rest of the day.





(14) on daily that run double the risk of developing


and in we

serious health

disorders rather than our isolated tragedies however painful they may be. (15) that so many of those wretched stress inducing troubles affect us in a day, we should, at best, try to avoid them or possibly make radical alterations in the

2. I suggest we store more coal in case the forecasts of a long and heavy winter should come true. . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

3. The police arrived right after they had been notified of the robbery. However, the thieves had escapedwith their loot by that time. . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

4. I don't remem ber this boy at alI. I suppose he stopped attending

my lectures right at

the beginning of the course.

way we lead our daily lifestyles.

. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . ..

1. a) devise

b) create

c) originate

d) emerge

2. a) ward off

b) boil down

c) stamp out

d) dawn on

3. a) arise

b) happen

c) befall

d) occur

4. a) post

b) roof

c) bottom

d) wall

5. a) face


c) forehead

d) fist

6. a) subsist

b) remain

c) cope

d) bear

7. a) envision

b) observe

c) picture

d) conclude


5. Why don't we appeal to the management to have a serious debate with the Unions?

... 6. 'Do you recognize the man over there at the opposite table?' 'You mean the one who is being attended

by the waitress?' .........................................................

7. The autopsy revealed the man was killed with a knife. .

.. ... ..


. ..

.. ...

... .... .

.. .. .. ..,..


.. .. .....



6. Brian was filled with angerwhen

8. Please keep waiting. You'lI be connected as soon as the line is free. .. ...,

. ... ..



,. """


to your demands. ,.




... ...

,.. . ...



leaving the cashiers speechless for a while. .. ... ...




,. ...




11. How about gathering a few friends and helping Lucy organize the charity collection?


... ... ...

for the New Year's reception vet? ,

" ...,

... ... ... ... ... ...

. ... ..

widespread .. ... ......

15. It was so stuffy in the hall that a few people lost their consciousness








conspicuous inexorable preposterous


out designs.


15. I believe he's been warned pretty strongly that the assignment he is taking up is going



one. IV. Rewrite the sentences



12. Why is it so important for you that the plaque be tixed on the left?

to be very with a synonymous

among certain African tribes.

14. Who do you think she takes after with her greedy character? ...


to our plans.


and the medical

staff had a hard time of reviving them.



13. He says he wants to be paid more for his we/l-worked


phrase or adjective

add something

11. Practicing the occult wit h its ceremonies so fuli of mysticism and magic is still

14. Will you accept me right away or do I have to submit an application form?

III. Replace each italicized

behaviour. He might have got nervous


ideas and he will definitely



.. ... .. ..

lowering the petrol prices.


as they are a bit too long for my size.

13. Has Danny made a/l the arrangements

8. It's hard to define the reason for.his shocking

10. I'd rather we waited for Bill before we make any resolutions. He is usually fuli of




9. Hopefully, the discovery of so rich resources ot oil in the area may contribute to


12. I'm having these trousers

Vet, he wasn't unkind, either.

on account ot the gossips that were being told about his private life. .....................

10. Suddenly, the question of half a million dollars missing from the safe appeared



7. I wouldn't say David was very friend/y.

9. Peter is a hard bargainer by nature. But, if you push him a little he should surrender


he learnt that he had lost his assets on the Stock

crucial ingenious prevalent

using the given forms so that they retain their original

meaning. 1. I tried really hard but I failed to solve the puzzle. Try as

... ..,


2. I didn't understand much of what the man said to me. (scarcely) 1. I admire her tirmness. Once she makes a decision it's


. .. . . . . . . . . . .


2. It was a very frightfu/ experience when we stumbled across the native tribesmen in

3. Ali the inhabitants of the island know this place very wel!. (familiar)


This place ................................................................................

3. He couldn't have had any knowledge of the subject seeing that his statements were so

4. The minister claims that another rise in food prices is possible.

the middle of the jungle.


.,. ...,.



4. Unless the company is privatized, it will be heading for an



5. Her role in the plot was of secondary importance.

".. 5. Your great success was most evident, but tell us Jack: how did you cope with your damaged tendon?





6. It's not our concern what they do after lessans. ".... Itisof 173


7. You may have serious problems if you don't have any health insurance.


9. This wondertul sports centre .. ""'"

8. There was poor attendance at the concert.

a) devises

c) supplies

10. You shouldn't have """"""""""""""" attended.

9. The tarmers are in a desperate need of tinancial backing.

10. I suddenly realized I had strayed trom the main route. (dawned)

d) caters

in so much icecream first thing last evening.

This is probably why your stomach is ach ing. a) indulged


for almost ali disciplines.


b) affords

b) consumed

c) enjoyed

d) teasted in

11. It's apparent now that the domestic customers have lost their the imported goods.

It ...........

a) contidence

b) assurance

c) reliability

d) credibility his claims in

12. Samuel couldn't tind any reasonable arguments to

V. Choose the correct answer.

the court. a) assure

1. It was the

warning from the seismologists

that helped save the

lives of the island inhabitants before the volcano erupted. a) preliminary

b) hasty

2. My grandfather bought this

c) cursory

b) space

c) plot

c) point

b) threshold

a) run

d) goal

5. This quiet village is a) reminiscent


d) launching

d) time , we can't deny Muriel is a hard-

working woman.

c) remnant

c) claimed

d) mentioned ,

with our anniversary otherwise

we'd have to go to the trouble ot launching two parties.

d) identical

a) corresponds his suffering


b) assumed

17. It is good that Anthony's birthday

of the one I grew up in. b) similar

c) course

16. When everything is said and

6. Bob was in terrible pain, but none of us knew how to until the ambulance arrived. a) dissolve

b) term

a) done c) lurching

d) line

ot this year.

the trees. b) lurking

c) hill

15. The expectations are that most ot these derelict buildings will be renovated in the

4. She said she was disturbed by the shadow ot somebody

a) luring

d) deploy

c) exert

14. They say that when you turn 40, you are over the a) cloud

d) terrain

with little hope of making any advance at alI. b) cause

any pressure on us to pay the

b) implement

3. I advise you to stop giving support to the venture. To me, it looks like a lost

a) idea

d) uphold

13. Do you think they are go ing to

a) administer

of land here and set up a ranch which

was later turned into a huge plantation by my tather. a) ground

c) persist

damages tor the broken gate?

d) advance


b) enforce

b) identities

c) harmonizes

18. He's a mysterious character, indeed. It's only anybody's

d) coincides whether

his intentions are go od or bad.

b) exclude

c) cease

d) relieve

7. Oon't worry, you are as safe as houses here as long as you are in my good

a) thought

b) guess

c) clue

d) suspicion

19. The expedition cost us a lot and stil I we didn't succeed in


eyes on the Yeti. a) graces

b) teelings

c) likes

d) regards

a) tixing

8. Your daughter may not do her best at mathematics or chemistry, but she definitely at English literature. a) improves


b) accomplishes

b) laying

c) placing

d) staring

20. This new model ot the spectrometre constructed by the Japanese designers is even more precise than its English ...............

c) excelIs

d) masters

a) double

b) typ e

c) paltem

d) counterpart


5. The left-wing party seems to have gained enormous power lately. No other party will

English Advanced Vocabulary and Structure Practice

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