Disciples of the Demon Lord - Labyrinth In The Woods (2019)

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Labyrinth In The Woods A one-page Shadow of the Demon Lord adventure for a group of novice characters.

Into The Woods

This one-page adventure is written for a group of three to five NOVICE players who are level 1 to 2. It is designed to be played in one session during an evening or afternoon of gaming with friends or as an introduction to Shadow of the Demon Lord. You will need a copy of the SHADOW OF THE DEMON LORD core book available from DriveThruRPG.

The Story

Deep in the forest primeval there is a sacred place used in ages past for blood sacrifice. An ancient evil awaits any who enter the labyrinth to feast upon their blood. The lashing wind swept afternoon arrives with a preternaturally darkening and sparking sky as the players arrive in a dank and bleak village named Hogspis. The village does not appear on any maps, but a ratty sign states that is where they are. The players will see that the small number of the scant buildings are in grave need of repair and maintenance with few (if any) places for amenities. At one of the only lighted structures, a decaying tavern sign reads, Blood Bucket, several dour faced and pallid locals monotonely plead for help in rescuing two young children who are feared to have wandered into a labyrinth deep within the forest. They will direct the adventurers to a seldom used trappers path and offer safe

haven on their travels, livestock or all of their meager wealth for the safe return of the missing children. If the players accept the task without reward, award the players 1 fortune.




A very strong wind blows for the next hour and a loud gibbering whine will be heard dancing on the wind. Perform a Will challenge with 1 bane or gain 1d3 insanity.

Traveling Into The Woods


A small ruined barn will be discovered. just off the path. If the players stop for a rest or investigate they will be attacked by a group of 4 mindless goblins (see Shadow, page 236) and a changeling (see Shadow, page 225).


A group of 3 animated scarecrow are standing in a forgotten field of normal and threadbare scarecrow, among the thick and decaying corn husks left to rot in the field. They will attack anyone crossing through the farm, seeking to flay their skin and hang it upon their poles.


An insane clockwork (see Shadow, page 225) in the form of a heavy medieval plow is sprawled out, dormant against a fallen stone fence at a long abandoned farm. It has a large and prominent key atop its chassis. Winding it will cause it to attack everyone mercilessly as it hates all forms of the living.

It will take the players approximately four hours to travel the rustic ways through the forest to find the labyrinth. Use the table below for any encounters you choose to have occur, each hour, as the group travels through the woods.

Encounters d20


Encounters A pixie is laying along the path with a broken wing. It will cryptically warn the players that a terrible thing awaits them in the forest; an unspeakable evil. If attacked, it will curse the attacking player(s), slowly turning them into a colorful mushroom patch after six days. To cure the curse, the affected player(s) must wash themselves in a bath of steaming goat milk and excrement. Afterwards they must succeed on a Will challenge with 1 bane or gain 1d3 Insanity from the experience.


The group stumbles into a rotten pumpkin patch growing in a fallow field. The farmhouse is decrepit and looks to have been abandoned for some time. Among the wreckage, 2 gremlin (see Shadow, page 238) will harangue the group.


An icy rain falls and the wind whips at the players. Soft moaning and insane gibbering can be heard faintly on the wind. Perform a Will challenge or gain 1 Insanity.


This fallen farmhouse is home to 3 poltergeist (see Shadow, page 251). Entering the derelict home will cause the creatures to attack and hurl all manner of farm tools, cutlery, plates and simple furnishings.

Requires Shadow of the Demon Lord from Schwalb Entertainment. Distributed through the Disciples of the Demon Lord Creative Community at DriveThruRPG.


WRITING, Design and Layout: Tom Robinson Special Thanks: Robert Risko, Raul Enciso Demonic Princess: Abigail Pippington This product was created under license. Shadow of the Demon Lord is a trademark of Schwalb Entertainment, LLC. This work contains material that is copyright Schwalb Entertainment, LLC. Such material is used with permission under the Community Content Agreement for the Disciples of the Demon Lord CC. All other original material in this work is copyright 2019 by Tom Robinson and published under the Community Content Agreement for the Disciples of the Demon Lord CC.



Size 1 monster Perception 12 (+2); darksight Defense 13; Health 20 Strength 13 (+3), Agility 9 (-1), Intellect 7 (-3), Will 13 (+3) Speed 10 Immune gaining Insanity

ATTACK OPTIONS Sickle (melee) +3 with 1 boon (1d6 + 2)

SPECIAL ATTACKS Frenzied Attack The scarecrow attacks two different targets with its sickle, making each attack roll with 1 bane.

The Labyrinth The labyrinth is an ancient place where blood sacrifice took place and many were ritually sacrificed. The walls are made of earth and dense vines that are 3 yards tall with an opening between each wall of 3 yards. Any combat will be slightly cramped and could be subject to 1 bane at your discretion. The labyrinth is an enchanted place covered with a mist that obscures vision beyond a few yards and will cause confusion to those who breathe it (living players suffer 2 banes on all Perception rolls). Climbing the walls do little good as the vines twist and turn causing players to be unable to gain a firm purchase and fall. The walls of the labyrinth may be hacked through (defense 5, health 60), although this will only lead to further twists and turns and gains nothing. Fire attacks, if used, will do double damage to the walls. When a character attacks a wall section, if the number rolled is 1 or 2 on a d6, that section of wall is a medium construct (see Shadow, page 226) that will animate and defend itself.

has multiple paths that always leads toward the center. The changing constructs will move about preventing the players from leaving and force them onward to the center. The overall make up of the labyrinth itself does not matter as long as the players spend time moving around in it. You may determine each section of the labyrinth by rolling a d20 and consulting the table below:

The Maze d20 1-2

The passage ends in a T-section continuing left for 7 yards and right for 7 yards.


The passageway opens up into a small chamber with 1d3 additional passageways. A live goose is tied to a stone pedestal with a basket of fragile stone eggs on a nest of sticks to the side of it, with a lever at the base. Pulling the lever will swing an axe, severing the neck of the goose, causing blood to spurt out into the basket. As the blood splatters on the eggs, they will hatch releasing 6 burrowing centipedes (see Shadow, page 223).


The passage turns left for 7 yards then right for 4 yards.


This chamber is filled with grasses and small brittle bushes along a rocky path winding through to each connecting passageway. Strange and twisted growths will bend toward players who have suffered injuries, their leaves forming small mouths that clamp shut as the players pass as if to feast upon them. 3 fungal mites (see Shadow, page 232) are hidden among the brush.


The passage turns right for 7 yards then left for 4 yards.


Across this open chamber are 4 concealed pits (see Shadow, page 203). Crossing the chamber will trigger them. Players must roll an Agility challenge with 2 banes or fall into a pit. In each pit lurks a large tentacle, small monster, (see Shadow page 247).


The passage turns left (1-3) for 4 yards or right (4-6) 4 yards then dead ends.


In this dry and dusty, root infested open chamber will be found over a dozen wooden and antique chairs. Rigid figures in tattered clothing are seated on each chair and will be staring upward at the moon and stars through the fog. On each chair is seated an animated corpse (see Shadow, page 218) that will rise and attack the group.

Traversing the Maze The labyrinth is a maze of twisting and turning ways. The constructs will move about as the adventurers travel through the maze, causing the way they came from to change. The labyrinth

Maze Result

You can have the players reach the center of the labyrinth at any point you choose. If you prefer, after each encounter within the labyrinth, roll a d6. If a 5 or 6 is rolled, the next passage taken will reveal the center of the maze.

At The Center At the center of the labyrinth is a large opening that connects to the other hallways from several openings (all passages ultimately lead to the center). A simple menhir 4 yards tall rises above the area and is covered with ancient carvings of vile curses. Studying the writings, players must roll a Will challege with 1 bane or gain 1d3 Insanity. Four concentric circles surround the tall stone with channels between each circle. A small stone table for ritual sacrifice breaks the circles on one side. Below the stone table is a small hole where a bloody bones (see Shadow, page 221) haunts. Upon sensing activty above, it will emerge from its hole and climb atop the menhir, welcoming those who are to be sacrificed. A cadre of redcap (see Shadow, page 252) serve the bloody bones and will mercilessly seek to sacrifice each player on the table.

Epilogue Inspecting the hole beneath the sacrificial table will be found 5 gold value of assorted armor and equipment. Scattered on the floor are 8 silver coins, 18 copper coins and 20 bronze coins along with 2 random enchanted objects. The lost children spoken of in the village are nowhere to be seen, if they even existed. If the group returns to the village, the residents will have vanished and the village will appear to have been deserted for a very long time further deepening the mystery.
Disciples of the Demon Lord - Labyrinth In The Woods (2019)

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