Basic I- Parts of the house and There is-There are

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Parts of the House There is and There are

House's parts: Take a look at the image, pay attention to it's names and pronounce.

Inside Furniture:

Inside Furniture:

Comprehension check! LET'S READ A TEXT ABOUT IT:

Hi, my name is Carol, and I will describe my house. I live in Texas with my parents and my siblings. I have two sisters, three brothers, and one dog. I live in a big house. At my house, there are five bathrooms, ten bedrooms, and two living rooms. We also have a yard with a beautiful garden with many types of flowers. My favorite part of my house is the kitchen because I love to cook, I like to create new recipes, and I think I am a good cook. In my house, there is a library with many books, my old sister loves to spend time in our library. On weekends, my brother and my father clean the garage and the attic. My little sister Emilly does not like our attic, she thinks the attic very frightening. In our dining room, there is a big table and there are some flowers around, and also a TV. In our living room, there is a tv, there are two couches and three shelves with books and souvenirs. When my relatives come for a visit we like to be in the living room or our balcony.

Comprehension check! NOW, LET'S DO SOME EXERCISES:

1) How many siblings does Carol have? 2) What's Carol's favorite room in her house? 3) What are there in Carol's living room? 4)How many bedrooms are there in Carol's house? 5) Look the affirmative below and say if they are true or false a) When Carol's relatives come for a visit they like to be in the kitchen. b) Carol is a good cook. c) Carol's old sister is afraid of the attic. d) On weekends, Carol's brother and her father clean the garage and the attic. e) Emilly likes to spend time in the library.

Do you know the difference? Singular: There is one chair in this room.

There is one bed.

Plural: There are two bedrooms.


There is a notebook on the table.

There are four lamps.

There are three towels on the bathrooms.

Homework! 1) Look at the sentences below, find the possible mistakes and mark Right ( R )or Wrong ( W ): a) There is two cars in my house ( ); b) There are five dogs in the neihborhood ( ); b)There is a big tree in the garden( ); d) There are a good film on TV tonight ( ). 2) Write a short paragraph using (there is/are) to talk about the objects present in your house. 3) Complete with there is and there are: a)_____some big trees in the garden; b)_____ 11 players in a football team; c)______coffe on the floor; d)_____computers in that room.
Basic I- Parts of the house and There is-There are

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