Around the world in eighty days activity 1

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2(A) Activities about

Around the World in Eighty Days

1. Put the events in the order that they happen in the story. The first is shown as (1,0). a. Passepartout starts working as a servant for Phileas Fogg b. Fogg and Passepartout arrive in Suez and Detective Fix can’t arrest Fogg c. Fogg wins his bet d. Detective Fix arrests Fogg in Liverpool e. Fogg and Passepartout see a rich man’s funeral in India f. Detective Fix says he made a mistake and Fogg is free g. Fogg bets that he can travel around the world in 80 Days h. Fogg pays $8000 to travel from New York to Liverpool by ship i. Sioux Indians attack the travellers in America

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2. Who says what? Write the correct name (Fogg, Fix or Passepartout) next to each sentence.(1,0) a. “I am an acrobat. But now I want to work in England. I want a normal job.” ________________ b. “I will return here on Saturday 21st December at 8.45 in the evening. I can do it! I bet you £20,000!” _______________ c. “I work for the police in London. That man is a bank robber…Can you arrest him, please?” _________________ d. “I’m so happy to see you again! I got lost in Hong Kong. But I took the ship to Yokohama.” __________________ e. “I can pay you eight thousand dollars. Please take us on your ship!” ______________ f. “I am arresting you. You will go to prison.” _______________________ g. “I’m five minutes late. I’m going home. I can’t win my bet.” __________________ 3. Choose the correct verb from the box and write it in the present simple form to complete. (1,0) play





visit put



a. Phileas Fogg ___goes___ to Suez. b. Phileas Fogg ________ breakfast at 8.25. c. Phileas Fogg ________ cards and ________ the newspaper at the Reform Club. d. Phileas Fogg ________ a rich man. e. Passepartout ________ some clothes and money in a bag before the journey. f. Passepartout and Detective Fix ________ the city together. g. Phileas Fogg ________ the train to London. h. At the end of the story, Phileas Fogg ________ Aouda.

4. The picture shows Phileas Fogg. As you read, write what you learn about Phileas Fogg in the table. (1,0)


Phileas Fogg

Lives where? Family? Rich or poor? What does he do every day? What does he like doing?

5. Imagine you are travelling around the world from London and can stop in 4 places. Choose the 4 places you want to visit, why you want to go there and how you want to go. (1,0)
Around the world in eighty days activity 1

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